Fortnite’s Plague Doctor Skins Return After Almost Four Years

Fortnite’s Plague Doctor Skins Return After Almost Four Years

Fortnite fans have been rejoicing as a set of skins previously thought to have been retired and blacklisted by Epic Games has returned to the game's Item Store for the first time in almost four years.

First noticed by Fornite creator Shiina and shared on Twitter (thanks Kotaku), the Grim Medicine set made a triumphant return to the game earlier this week, in which two rather fetching Plague Doctor skins are included. The last time this set and corresponding skins were available to purchase in the Item Store was March 1, 2019, and hadn't been seen since.

While it's never been confirmed by Epic, many fans had assumed that the Grim Medicine set and subsequent Plague Doctor outfits had been retired completely due to the pandemic, and is the reason they haven't made an appearance over the past few years. Releasing a set of Plague Doctor skins while Covid-19 spread throughout the globe and forced people to stay indoors probably wouldn't have been a great idea, so it's likely Epic simply retired the entire set to avoid a potential backlash.

Epic definitely isn't the only developer out there that's has to make changes due to the pandemic. Hideo Kojima recently revealed that he had to change the entire plot of the recently announced Death Stranding 2 over fears it would hit too hard for some people, while the creator of Pandemic asked Steam to pull the digital board game version from the platform altogether.

It now seems like Epic is comfortable having it in the Item Store once again, although it seems to have already left the at the time of writing. Still, if you're one of the many that likely missed out and have been wanting to run around dressed as a Plague Doctor, at least there's now the chance it could come back into rotation once again. Let's hope we won't have to wait another four years though.

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