Friday the 13th: The Game Will Be Delisted At The End Of The Year

Friday the 13th: The Game Will Be Delisted At The End Of The Year

Illfonic’s Friday the 13th: The Game is being delisted from storefronts at the end of the year due to an expiring license. 

The developer shared a statement on Twitter revealing the asymmetric multiplayer slasher title will be removed from retail and digital storefronts once the license expires on December 31st. However, the game will still be playable for those who own it through at least the following year, meaning up to December 31, 2024. Until then, Illfonic is dropping the base price of the game to $4.99, and each piece of DLC will cost $0.99.

Friday the 13th: The Game pit a team of players controlling Camp Crystal Lake counselors working together to survive against a player-controlled Jason Voorhees. The game didn’t arrive to the warmest reception when it launched in 2017, but it’s always a bummer to see games disappear, especially when it’s at the mercy of IP licensing. Even before this final blow, the game had a rocky existence due to legal disputes with the film’s original creators halting the distribution of DLC and, later, the eventual shutdown of its dedicated servers. 

What did you think of Friday the 13th: The Game? Will you be picking it up before it leaves storefronts? Let us know in the comments!

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