GAME announce PS5 UK restock for Thursday morning but there will be queuing

GAME announce PS5 UK restock for Thursday morning but there will be queuing

Retailer GAME has announced it will have a major restock of PS5 hardware this week but only for one console per person.

Normally retailers don’t announce when they’re expecting to get new stock of the PlayStation 5, in part because they know it’ll all sell out instantly whatever they do.

GAME though, has taken the unusual step of advertising a restock in advance, because they want to warn people that there’ll be a queuing system in place that is intended to make it fairer for ordinary customers.

Whether that queuing system works remains to be seen but they’ve confirmed that they’ll have a ‘selection of PlayStation 5 disc and digital consoles and bundles’ to sell on Thursday, August 19.

GAME’s other warning is that if you try to order more than one console then those orders will be automatically cancelled within 24 hours, which is clearly aimed at discouraging scalpers.

No specific time was given for when the stock will be released but Twitter account PS5 Stock UK predicts it will be between 9am and 11.30am. Last time GAME had stock it went live at 10am, so it’s fairly predictable.

Since the PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X, has become easier to get hold of in recent months, with more frequent stock drops, the average price for the console has fallen on eBay and currently seems to be set around £600 – although that’s still a significant mark-up from the RRP of £450.

It’s unclear when the PlayStation 5 will be freely available, but it won’t be this year, with Sony hinting that shortage may even stretch beyond 2022.

As we’ve mentioned previously, we expect this to go live between 9-11:30am.

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