Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. Showcased In New Nintendo Video

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. Showcased In New Nintendo Video

The family of Game & Watch devices might be more famous for its mascot’s appearance in the Super Smash Bros. series than anything else, but that isn’t stopping Nintendo from bringing back the Game & Watch for a quick hit of nostalgia. Now, a new video from Nintendo shows off the console’s features, including Super Mario Bros. and its Japanese sequel The Lost Levels, as well as the classic Game & Watch game Ball, which is a juggling game.

As previously announced, the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. device will be available for purchase on November 13 for $50, though in limited qualities. It’s not available for pre-order yet, however, so fans will need to keep their eyes peeled for any announcements from Nintendo. The device charges with a USB-C cord and boasts a battery life of around eight hours. The button layout has been slightly changed from the original Game & Watches to resemble a classic NES controller, because you definitely need that run button.

This new Game & Watch was announced as a part of Mario’s 35th anniversary, along with a bundle of other Mario games that includes Super Mario 3D All Stars, Super Mario 3D World and Bowser’s Fury, and a new Mario Kart game.

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