Games Inbox: Are you a hardcore gamer?

Games Inbox: Are you a hardcore gamer?

The Evening Inbox deals with a wide range of problems and solutions for faulty Joy-Cons, as one is appalled by the Ooblets controversy.

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Different worlds

I look at that top 10 of the year so far for video games and I’m reminded again of just how little most people really care about video games. I think of the year’s best games and I think of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Devil May Cry 5, and Metro Exodus but with the exception of Resident Evil 2 I don’t see anything interesting in the top 10 at all.

Most of them are old games, as was the point of the story with GTA V being number one, and of the four released this year only one of them got a unanimously positive critical reception. You can argue about whether The Division 2 and Days Gone are any good or not but everyone seemed to hate Anthem and yet there it is at number nine, proving that once again the only real trick to selling games is marketing.

It makes me think of the reputation UK gamers have for having bad taste in games but I don’t think we’re really particularly worse than anywhere else. What is obvious though is that the games the average hardcore gamer is interested in and casual gamers is wider than ever. I know some people don’t like the term hardcore or gamer but I don’t know what else to call them, as it almost feels like two different hobbies.

1. Grand Theft Auto V (361,312)
2. FIFA 19 (360,588)
3. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 (263,520)
4. Red Dead Redemption II (259,931)
5. Resident Evil 2 (239,495)
6. Days Gone (229,182)
7. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (175,451)
8. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 (172,065)
9. Anthem (165,746)
10. Forza Horizon 4 (144,790)


Don’t count your chickens

I’ve been on my hols the past few weeks so haven’t had much of a chance to keep up to date with the goings on in my favourite games website, so apologies if this has already been covered. I wrote in not so long ago to talk about what I believe is Rockstar’s best game, Bully, and my hopes for a new one.

I don’t think it’s been officially confirmed but there’s enough chatter on the Internet for me to feel that it’s happening, so you can imagine my delight. I just hope they don’t do a Red Dead on it and make it interminable! I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the Inbox for this most recent bout of magic. Great job guys!
PS: I hope this isn’t premature and I’ve been taken in by the latest Internet gossip (which wouldn’t be the first time)!

GC: There’s a chance it’s all true, but we wouldn’t get too carried away as Bully 2 rumours do tend to surface every few years and these latest ones aren’t much more convincing than any of the previous ones.


No buts

I’ve seen quite a few people comment on the Ooblets developer abuse, with either, ‘Yes, but…’ or ‘It doesn’t justify the response, but…’.

I think if you are qualifying or justifying people sending death threats (amongst other things), then to some extent, you are part of the issue.
Matt (he_who_runs_away)

GC: You’re not wrong.


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One-hit wonder

How Activision got to this point in their existence without a single other game to their name than Call Of Duty is a mystery to me. If they didn’t have Spyro and Crash to remake (games they only got the rights to by accident when they merged with Blizzard) they’d have literally nothing else. And even though the first Crash remake came out two years ago they still haven’t managed to announce an actual new game.

Crowing about how they’re always testing new game ideas is pretty weird as well, so… where are all these new games and ideas? Because there’s been nothing for years. Them and EA must be competing to see who can be the worst run major publisher. If they didn’t have FIFA and Call Of Duty to keep them afloat I think they’d both be in serious trouble long ago.


Not the problem

I felt I had to respond to Bad Edit’s email as it seems their email is letting Nintendo off the hook and placing blame on the user. I bought my Switch a year after launch and had it six weeks before mine started to drift. I followed every bit of advice they gave me but ultimately it was a manufacturing error. I had to send it to them and I was without it for around two weeks, which isn’t ideal when I had just spent £279 on a new console and it wasn’t even two months old! I do acknowledge this is a bit of first world problem though.

I know you said you didn’t want to sound patronising but to say I might have caused the issue by ‘accidentally leaning on the stick’ when I started a game did seem patronising. But I won’t take offence. The problem exists and just because it isn’t happening to some gamers doesn’t mean Nintendo can bury their head in the sand with it. People’s major issue is/was that they are doing what Bad Edit’s email is doing and pretending that it isn’t happening or that it’s user error.
Mike V
PS: To the reader who wanted game recommendations I dropped £10 on Hollow Knight and spent about 60 hours on it so couldn’t recommend that more if I tried.

GC: To be fair, if you do hold the stick off-centre when starting a console it would produce a similar effect. Even if that’s obviously not what’s going on with so many Joy-Cons.


Electric feng shui

RE: Bad Edit and Joy-Con drift. It’s funny, I honestly thought I was getting Joy-Con drift after reading all the reports about it. My controller kept oddly drifting in weird directions from time to time. But I gradually realised it wasn’t just the stick but the buttons too that were randomly lagging. It turned out it was caused by positioning the Switch behind my TV.

Although I had always previously kept it behind the screen for over a year and a half in my old place, on moving flat something different must have been mucking up the signal. I rearranged my furniture and positioned my Switch below the TV and the problem was solved. It just shows sometimes it is something obvious and it’s worth trying everything before jumping to conclusions.

I’m now enjoying optimal control of my character in Mario Tennis Aces but sadly lacking in an excuse when I lose. The Games Trial program is a brilliant idea by Nintendo, especially as I’m now very tempted to actually purchase the game at the end. I mentioned in a previous letter about missing entries in a franchise to better enjoy a later title and that’s exactly what’s happened with Mario Tennis.

I haven’t played one since the N64, mostly because they haven’t really been very good since, but Aces is magnificent! Playing people online for the first time is exciting enough but the advances in gameplay seem much more significant with such a large gap. I genuinely love the addition of zone/special shot and zone speed, they add a whole other layer of tactics to the proceedings and give the game a little bit more pizzazz.
Ryan O’D


Ultraman lives

Scoff all you like, I’ve just watched Solo: A Star Wars Story again and still love it. (I haven’t even seen the animated series which it quotes from.) I hated the prequels, I hate The Last Jedi (although fan edits have improved all those films – watch the Tolkien edit of a compressed Hobbit film, so much better. But remember you have to own the originals).

I loved Rogue One but love Solo even more, It’s my taste so why should I care what others think? I recently watched Brightburn, an anti-Superman film which some critics loved, some hated. I loved it for its daring and originality.

I end how I begun.. Scoff all you like!
Ste C

GC: You seem to be implying a level of dislike for the film that doesn’t really exist, in our experience at least. Most are apathetic about it, rather than hating it. What we will scoff at though is the idea of an evil Superman being an original idea.


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Different problem

Regarding Joy-Cons, I have not had the drifting problem as yet but the right Joy-Con battery has suddenly failed in the past day. I bought my Switch on launch day and I have played Super Mario Odyssey and a few other games but not as much I should because of owning Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and I can’t believe it has gone wrong.

When it is undocked it keeps coming up with low battery and it doesn’t seem to be charging or only a little bit and the battery power bar for the right Joy-Con on the Switch screen icon flashes red then black. Bit disappointed as I have just got Super Mario Maker 2 and I have been playing in handheld mode whereas normally I play on the TV.

I have a Pro Controller but I have been enjoyed playing handheld recently. To replace the Joy-Cons on Amazon it is £63! I have never had a battery fail on any of my PlayStation 3 or 4 pads, which have the
battery built in. I had batteries not hold their charge as long which is normal after time. Has anyone else had this happen to them?
Andrew J.
Just completed: Moss DLC (PSVR), I was bit confused how to access the free DLC but I found this video on YouTube that showed me how to access it. Don’t watch if you have not completed the main game as there is spoilers for the levels in the main game.

GC: We’ve not heard of that one, have you contacted Nintendo?


Inbox also-rans

So the U.S. major retail chain Walmart have decided to take down all advertising relating to violent/shooting games, movies and hunting videos yet you can still go into Walmart and purchase yourself a live firearm over the counter just like we can buy fireworks from Sainsbury’s and co.

American gun laws will never cease to amaze me. A shop takes down adverts for violent games and hunting videos but still sells actual guns. I can only imagine how embarrassed whoever wrote the Second Amendment would feel if they knew this was what it was going to lead to.


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Cranston, who asks who’s your favourite video game villain?

No matter what game they’re from what bad guy do you love to hate the most? It can be anything from the main villain of the story to a cannon fodder grunt, but we want to know which one you have the strongest feelings about – whether it’s an enemy that makes an impression through the storyline or purely the gameplay.

What makes a memorable video game enemy and do they need a complex backstory or is it enough for them to just be a dangerous in-game foe?

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