Games Inbox: Bethesda’s loud E3 conference, Halo Infinite and Tetris Effect

Games Inbox: Bethesda’s loud E3 conference, Halo Infinite and Tetris Effect

Today’s inbox dives into the whooping and hollering during Bethesda’s conference, while one reader evaluates the PlayStation Classic.

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Super Effect

After putting it off for ages I bought Tetris Effect in the Days Of Play sale, mainly because I thought that it is a game I’ll be able to pick up and play in quick bursts and play in between other games, I even dusted off the PSVR and went to the effort of untangling the cable and setting it up.

Over four hours later I realised that this is absolutely not a game that you can pick up in quick bursts – it’s so damn addictive! When I was younger I was a major Tetris addict and used to insist on playing it at full volume on my Game Boy, usually first thing in the morning which used to annoy the hell out of family.

It’s amazing to see that a game which is as old as I am can still be relevant today and to see the evolution of the concept from that green and black Game Boy version to this is absolutely insane. I’d go so far as to say that it’s easily one of the best VR experiences that I have had to date!

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Classic woes


With the Days of Play promotion bringing the PlayStation Classic down to around £25 I thought I’d take the plunge. I remember when it was released that there were criticisms about the quality of emulation and the games that were selected but, well, I’m an idiot. You see, I own the mini NES, SNES and am definitely getting the Megadrive so I thought I’d catch ’em all. Having spent a couple of hours playing it yesterday I’ve got buyer’s remorse. If I had paid the full RRP of around £80 I would’ve had buyer’s grief.

Basically the reviews were spot on. The menus scream lackluster or, better yet, they mumble it. The console itself is as cute as plastic can be but the games, my god the games. Such a hodgepodge. Jumping Flash made my eyes more sore than PSVR ever has. So I ran from these early 3D efforts to something safer – Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo. All was well until the console crashed as I fought the last boss.

Let’s hope they never make a PS2 Classic.


SC: We think Sony has, hopefully, learnt its lesson when it comes to flogging their nostalgia. We’ll stick to the Spyro and Crash remakes. 


Bethesda fallout

While sat at work today I’ve been listening to the Bethesda E3 conference and have a question about those in attendance. Exactly who are the people who attend? Can you buy tickets for this kind of thing and how much would they set you back?

I always imagined it would be industry professionals like yourselves there with paper and pen or a laptop, or even representatives from tech firms who have a stake in this kind of thing and had been invited. But the entire conference was excessively filled with whooping and hollering to a level where I wondered if it was some kind of ironic joke that I just wasn’t in on. Maybe I’m just too reserved and British but I’d be pretty hacked off if I was set anywhere close to the vicinity of someone shouting “YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” after every single sentence.

Are these people not self-conscious about how idiotic that level of excitement over a company presentation seems? If I started doing that in my work setting during some HR training course I’d be out the door within minutes. I guess the other possibility is that they are paid to be there by Bethesda and make it seem like the crowd is genuinely excited by the new Fallout 76 announcements that nobody really cared about. So which is it?

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SC: It’s usually a huge mix of press, influencers, company employees and investors. But it’s likely some super fans are also invited down who will drum up the squealing. As far as we’re aware, you can only buy tickets for the show floor.


Captain Scarlett

I’m confused. I had 4 months left on Game Pass and 6 months on Gold.

Had £1.45 on my Microsoft balance so decided to take advantage of the offer to upgrade the length of your current subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a quid.

Sure enough my Gold and Game Pass info say expired on the 10/06/19. But my new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate next charge won’t be until 13/11/2020. It’s strange as that date doesn’t correspond to the original expiration dates of my previous subscriptions even if they were just out by a year.

It’s probably a mistake and will get corrected. But I’ve already concocted a conspiracy theory that Scarlett will release on 13/11/2020 and this Microsoft’s sneaky attempt to lure me away from Sony. Could just work you know.

Simundo Jones


Halo launch

So, my question for Microsoft. Are they doing what Nintendo did with the Zelda games, where to play the latest game you have to buy the newest console.

I still remember the N64 Zelda and to play the next you had to buy the Gamecube.

I contacted Nintendo and they said the BOW will be coming out on the Wii U (I had brought the U for Zelda) and the Switch as well, so are Microsoft going to bring it out on the Xbox One X?


SC: You’re in luck, Halo Infinite is already confirmed to come out for Xbox One X too. So halt the conspiracies.



I just read that X-Men Children Of The Atom, and other licensed games, are being re-released as arcade cabinets. Locking rare titles behind expensive, bespoke hardware is becoming a worrying trend (see also; Starfox 2 and Alien vs Predator), but surely once the legal minefield is navigated in order to sell them, these companies would want to sell as many as possible? I imagine they’ll trickle onto digital stores eventually, but it’s frustrating and very anti-consumer.



Days Blah


Inbox also-rans

Who would win in a fight between Keanu Reeves and Jon Bernthal’s dog? We need an E3 brawler, immediately! 


SC: You question Bam Bam? Fools. 

I’m concerned Watch Dogs Legion will spark a wave of granny-related crimes across London. We may laugh now, but I won’t be fooled by ol’ Helen. 



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