Games Inbox: Do you think the PS5 will be out this year?

Games Inbox: Do you think the PS5 will be out this year?

The Monday Inbox discusses the blurred lines between PC and console, as one reader becomes addicted to Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs.

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Chance of delay
Like everyone I don’t want to trivialise the coronavirus issue by talking about video games, when obviously they’re not at all important in the grand scheme of things. But like the Reader’s Feature at the weekend said, it does similar pretty likely that this is going to throw a real spanner into the works for gaming in 2020.

I reckon there’s a 50/50 chance that Microsoft and/or Sony is going to announce their console is delayed into 2021 within the next few weeks. If these factories are out of commission already then it’s not going to take them long to realise that it’s impossible to launch this year and the sooner they tell people the less upset there’s going to be.

The big question for me is whether only one of them delays. As far as I know Microsoft and Sony (and Nintendo) are equally reliant on Chinese manufacturing, but will one of them try and half-ass it and only launch in America? I’ll be honest, I could totally see Microsoft trying to do that, as they weren’t far off taking that approach with the Xbox One.

No PlayStation 5 until 2021? I could see it. Although I guess that solves the ‘problem’ of The Last Of Us Part 2 and Ghost Of Tsushima coming out to close to the launch!


PC in a box
With the talk of the new Xbox having multiple models of varying power, and people being worried that the Xbox Series X won’t have any exclusives for the first couple of years or be able to show its full capability because of this, it got me thinking about the PC.

Forgive my ignorance with this, as I’ve never owned a gaming PC, but can’t you buy the same game but the power of the PC you own determines how well it runs by adjusting settings? Are the games released in the best state possible and you turn them down, and if so how does that work? As the Xbox is based on similar architecture wouldn’t that then work on a similar basis?

GC: It would, presumably. Home consoles have basically been PCs in a box for a while now, but as the lines blur even further people are going to begin to question what the benefit is in getting a console – given they lack the key PC advantage of upgradeability.


Mobile release
Recently came back from a month-long trip from Japan and must say was never really interested in Gundam before I saw how mad they are for it in the arcades over there and must have spent £100s playing it.

Imagine my surprise when I found out Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost boost had been announced for some time in 2020. Any idea exactly when?

Will just have to order a PlayStation 4 and fightstick to play it now, I’ve been looking at the universal Mayflash F500, any recommendations?

GC: Surprisingly (a lot of the games don’t make it to the West) that one is due out in Europe this year, although there’s no specific date yet. Here’s the trailer.


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No Xbox one
So glad to see The Wonderful 101: Remastered’s Kickstarter doing so well, looks like it’s going to breeze through to $2 million and we’ll get a remix soundtrack and another 2D mission. But… no sign of an Xbox One version? Once again, it’s super obvious how Japan just does not care about Xbox and unless Microsoft’s paying for their versions they’ll just completely ignore it.

I’m sure we’ll find Phil Spencer has money-hatted another couple of games soon, for Xbox Series X, but no doubt it’ll be something that Xbox owners won’t buy and it’ll end up making no difference. This is something Microsoft should’ve sorted out decades ago and I think it’s just too late now. I’d call the Xbox brand dead in Japan but I doubt it even registers enough to count. Not buying a single Japanese developer when they were on a spending spree suggests to me they haven’t really learnt anything either.


Natural influence
I hope that Daymare: 1998 game is good because I think there is still space for an old school Resident Evil game with fixed camera angles and a slower pace. That Dawn Of Fear sounds terrible though, I never understood the point of just copying something that already exists. I’m sure it’s fun for the people making it, but I don’t know what anyone else is supposed to get out of it.

A homage to me implies something that uses the basic principles of the original but makes its own thing, which I would be totally okay with having more of. But then I thought that was what Yooka-Laylee was going to be too, and that turned out to be a bit of a dud. Maybe the real secret is just to try and do something new and let your influences flow through naturally?


Industry friends
Just wanted to write in to let people know about my new Xbox podcast, X Power, where every week myself and guest hosts will be talking about what we’ve been playing and looking forward to, news, rumours, leaks and everything else from the world of Xbox. In Episode 2 I talked to friend and game developer Ryan Brain who used to work for PlayStation and Criterion. He’s now recently started working as principal technical designer at a small studio in Milton Keynes called DR Studios.

We talk about our history with Xbox, the consoles we’ve owned and our favourite games, what we’ve been playing most recently and what we are looking forward to that’s coming up. Then we dig into some news and recommended reading. Here’s the link for anyone who wants to check it out.
Big Angry Dad82 (gamertag)


One and only
I’m not sure if you would class it as a franchise seeing as there has only been two entries but hotline Miami 2 was a major disappointment to me. The style and soundtrack were still top notch but the gameplay was so disappointing compared to the first game. Deaths felt unfair, with enemies off-screen killing you on multiple occasions, which is something that never happened in the first game.

I loved the first game, it’s probably in my top five games of all time and I even got the platinum but I didn’t even complete 2.
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)
Now playing: Disco Elysium (PC) and SteamWorld: Heist (Switch)


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It’s never laziness
Always read your pages and sometimes comment on games and I’d have to say PES has been on the end of my ire more than once, and here I go again.

I have just stopped playing PES 2019. I had no intention of buying it (same as PES 2018) but it was so cheap I couldn’t resist. The old problems still existed for me, but everything seems to upset me now. I do play it every day, and most days more than once, so you could say I’ve only myself to blame. But besides the terrible repetitive commentary (and it’s the commentators as well now) and the diabolical offsides, it’s everything about it.

The transfer market, the way they extend the last day to pointless boredom by the hour, and no one gives you any offers in the January window most times in the final day, so why bother. Yes, I know you can skip it, but then again why bother?

The fixture list, you play each team once in the first 19 games, then again in the same order for the back 19 games just at the opposite ground. Games three and four are always against newly promoted teams and you get the same comments from the commentators about ‘never easy for newly promoted teams’.

If I run towards goal and I’m not using a striker the strikers, in their attempt to get in space, get in the way instead, the same with the wingers.

I know games are expensive to make but surely they can do better than this, is it laziness?

So that’s it for me. I will not buy PES 2020, I don’t care how cheap it is.

Madden 20 on the other hand I love. Yes, a lot of it is the same as 19 but some nice tweaks I think.
PS: Really ticked off with Sony this month. Have to say most games offered are not my type of game but I do download to try them. I purchased the triple Bioshock a couple of months ago from the store. In every list of games on there it now tells me I have purchased it, so why can’t they offer me an alternative for the free monthly games? And I don’t like The Sims games so won’t be downloading that, but at least that is my choice. Is it really worth paying the yearly subscription?

GC: Games can be limited by budget, time, publisher pressure, and a million other things, but we’ve never met a developer that wasn’t passionate about trying to make the best game they could. The video games industry is not the vocation to choose if you want to be lazy.


Inbox also-rans
Surely this can’t be a coincidence to be redirected to this page when you put in Grand Theft Auto VI after Rockstar Games’ website main page link? The VI page redirect pretty much confirms GTA 6 is coming for me.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)

GC: The fact that GTA 5 has made $6 billion confirms GTA 6 is coming. The question is when.

If for one would welcome Lara Croft in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but has she even ever been on a Nintendo format? Because I don’t see there being a new one anytime soon.

GC: There were quite a few portable releases, and games on the GameCube and Wii.


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