Games Inbox: How much did you watch E3 2019?

Games Inbox: How much did you watch E3 2019?

The evening Inbox asks how much of London is in Watch Dogs: Legion, as one reader thinks Dante will be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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Late night viewing

There’s still lots of previews and interviews coming through, but now that it’s over I wonder what everyone thought of E3 2019? Not the games, but the event itself and all the company’s events. That Twitter story shows that people are obviously tuning in and I have to say that I did to all but the ones on at stupid o’clock (Square Enix and Bethesda).

Even though there wasn’t as many new announcements this year as usual I still felt there were a lot and I enjoyed all the conferences I watched. Nintendo’s was good, as the poll confirmed, but so too was Square Enix and Bethesda too. I’d also defend Microsoft, who were kind of put in an impossible position, and the only one I was disappointed with was Ubisoft, who didn’t really seem to be trying this year. Although even then Watch Dogs: Legion still looked good.

I’d love to see figures of how many people stayed up to watch everything. I bet it was only a tiny percentage of global gamers but that 1%, or whatever it was, but that was still enough to set Twitter alight and getting lots of other people, who are maybe not so into gaming, talking. Personally I love E3 and I hope the companies not attending this year don’t bring it down.


Official victors

So it’s official? Nintendo really did ‘win’ E3? Good for them I say. They had the most games, almost all of which looked great, and that’s exactly the sort of thing I like to see rewarded. Although I’ll admit it wasn’t terrible or anything Microsoft did not make the effort I thought they would and I don’t think they would’ve been on that last of most talked about subjects at all if it wasn’t for Keanu Reeves and Cyberpunk 2077.

I’ve read the Inbox sometimes and it does seem like people are pilling on Microsoft but, really, I just don’t think they’ve had a clue this generation and I think they’re still doing nothing to prove they’ve learnt their lesson.

I mean, I’m sure they’re not going to pull the same anti-consumer stuff they tried at launch next gen but they’ve still announced no exciting new franchise, seem to have no Japanese support, and just seem uninterested in any country outside of America. They’re still very hard to get excited about and it seems that was reflected by E3.


Fallout unplugged

I wonder what the reason were for Bethesda choosing to make Fallout 76 the way it is other than just making an equivalent of Elder Scrolls Online? As far as I can understand Elder Scrolls Online is popular and well liked and the two franchises are pretty much the same just with different settings. I guess there’s always a slight survival aspect in Fallout but it seems to me that’s no reason not to make an MMO anyway.

I never did sell my copy of Fallout 76 (because it’s virtually worthless) and have been going back it now again, but although there are improvements it’s still nowhere near what I would call good. Or stable.

The annoying thing is though the world design is great, much better than Fallout 4 and probably 3 as well. But it’s like they made the world and then never had time to put anything in it. At this point I wonder whether an offline spin-off might not be the best thing to do with it, so as to not waste the open world. Especially if you’re getting dialogue options and non-player characters anyway.


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Final Smash

In terms of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate predictions I still think Dante has got to be a good bet. Brining just the first Devil May Cry to Switch, and no others, for no reason is very suspicious and the temptation to have both Bayonetta and Dante in the same game has surely go to be too much. Although maybe Capcom won’t want that, it depends how funny they are about such things.

Whatever the last one is going to be it’ll have to be something significant to really round things out. So my guesses are either Minecraft, Crash Bandicoot, or a new Nintendo franchise. It’s got to be something significant and there are less and less iconic characters left nowadays. Master Chief would be great but I really can’t see it happening as he has nothing to do with Nintendo. Or at least not yet anyway!


Getting paid

I just wondered how third parties make money from monthly subscriptions, like Game Pass. Do Microsoft pay the publisher a flat rate fee to have the games available for a set period of time? Are there royalty payments for the use of the games? Per download, per hour played though this could be easily manipulated?
While the current Game Pass Ultimate promotion is an absolute bargain, how do the publishers share the HK$10 (£1) I paid?!
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GC: We’re not sure which it is actually, but it probably varies per game. The current promotion would be like any sale, in that the retailer (Microsoft in the case) shoulders the discount not the goods provider.


Future collaboration

Going to discuss a theory that might be considered preposterous and might never happen but here goes. Now that cross-play gaming has become a reality and is currently being used I can see this becoming standard with next gen consoles such as Project Scarlett and PlayStation 5. I can see this eventually opening the doors for both Sony and Microsoft to eventfully consider joining forces like they have with cloud gaming, except this will eventually happen with both their console brands.

Cloud gaming and cross-play have already demonstrated that companies can work together and these combinations of software are already what I feel are setting the gears in motions for both Sony and Microsoft to unify both the Xbox and PlayStation brands in the far future. At present this may seem like it will never happen but technology will eventually evolve and it will come to a point where people thought mergers of rival corporations or brands would never happen but have.
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Virtual home

Did you get to see any indication of how big the map in Watch Dogs: Legion is? Obviously we see some of the major London landmarks, but I was curious as to just how far it stretches, mostly because I’m really hoping I’ll be able to drive past my old flat in Oval!

The Assassin’s Creed Syndicate map cut off less than half a mile from it, which I was always a little disappointed about!
Sparky the Yak

GC: They zoomed the map out for us at one point and it seemed to cover quite a large area, that we suspect includes Oval. We weren’t looking for it though, so don’t quote us on that.


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Giving up

It’s an interesting question posed, as to whether Microsoft (or Sony) will start the new gen with two models from the start. I too got the impression they were hinting at two from the start, but recent rumours on Twitter seem to say they’ve changed their mind.

I can’t remember who came up with the idea of mid-generation console upgrades first but I would be perfectly happy if it’s an idea that went away. It just seemed like a cynical crash grab to me, with very little difference in performance, and no way to really take advantage of the poor in exclusive games.

I don’t get the impression they’ve been an enormous success either but since they’re probably the equivalent of free money I worry they’ll probably carry on with them anyway. Which will make four consoles and two streaming services from just two companies. Which is just one more reason I’m contemplating just becoming a PC gamer.


Inbox also-rans

Yes, I think we all know the sort of people that complain that Tifa’s breasts are too small and that her not going around with two basketballs shoved down her top is an act of cultural vandalism. Sometimes I feel really embarrassed about being a gamer.

I’ve definitely never heard of Crypt Of The NecroDancer before. Wild that Nintendo can just lend out their biggest franchise like that, imagine if there was a Halo version of Celeste or something! Would be good but never seems to happen.


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