Games Inbox: Should there be a Final Fantasy VIII remake?

Games Inbox: Should there be a Final Fantasy VIII remake?

The morning Inbox discusses what Netflix shows would make good video games, as one reader celebrates 20 years of Silent Hill.

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Next in line

I know it’s probably just a one-off affair, but does anyone else think there should be a remake of Final Fantasy VIII as well as just VII? It may not be as beloved as some of the other entries but it’s always been one of my favourites and yet it’s one of the least re-released of any of the games and I think the only place you can get it is as a PS one classic and on Steam.

A remaster would be fine but a full-on remake that looks as good, or better, than VII would be amazing. Looking at the graphics for VII’s remake it really is amazing how far graphics have come in just a couple of decades. We’ve now got real-time graphics that are miles beyond what pre-rendered used to be and almost up to the standards of movie CGI like the first Jurassic Park.

And yet I don’t think the number of great games, with great stories, has necessarily increased much. That’s why I’m always in favour of remakes and remasters. If something works it should be a one and done. I don’t mean in terms of sequels but in refining and modernising the original. It happens all the time with films but I think it’s actually more appropriate for games, which age much more quickly.


Cinematic timing

Really excited to hear about the new Predator game. I know there’s not much info yet but I’m cautiously optimistic that this could be really good, especially after playing the Ghost Recon: Wildlands mode. I don’t know if it’s going to be full price or not, given it sounds like only multiplayer, but I’m definitely interested in learning more.

Dare I also imagine that 20th Century Fox (now a subsidiary of Disney) are actually handling their properties quite well for a change. That Alien mobile game was pretty good if you ask me and they seem to be taking their time with the console game, which is a good sign.

It would be ironic that just as they’re eaten up by Disney they finally get themselves in gear. I’d love if they did some new Die Hard games too, and X-Files as well. I’d hate if they just all got left in the Disney vault.


Early preview

It’s interesting that press copies of Rage 2 have arrived so late because my disc copy arrived on Saturday (naughty online retailer breaking the street date).

My experience of it so far is that it’s a smooth but somewhat uninspiring experience that has barely evolved from the original.

The game plays smoothly on my Xbox One X with no bugs so far. It’s certainly not another Fallout 76, nor is it game of the year material.

I look forward to your 7 out of 10 review with great anticipation.
Simon G


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Rage Gone

I’ve had Rage 2 since the weekend and am already regretting pre-ordering it. It’s okay, but it’s not blowing me away yet. I haven’t got Days Gone but it seems kind of like the complaints people were aiming at that: decent but unoriginal and doesn’t really do a lot with all its different bits.

The first person shooting action is good but I don’t particularly like the car. Plus, the open world is kind of just filled with random but generic locations. Like someone built the map and then a computer just dropped everything into it from a small pool of possibilities.

To be honest I’m not sure why I bothered with it. I think it was just that nothing good had come out lately and I figured I could sell it on if its bad, plus I’m an old school id Software so I felt a kind of loyalty. Don’t think I’ll feel any for Rage 3 if it ever happens though.


As seen on TV

Just saw this being re-tweeted around and thought it might be of interest. It’s basically Netflix hinting that they have more games coming out based on their shows, beyond the retro-looking Stranger Things one. I’m guessing it’s not The Crown but what else could it be? BoJack Horseman, maybe? Black Mirror? Bird Box? Love, Death & Robots? To be honest I’m not sure which ones Netflix actually owns and which one are just on there from someone else but there’s surely a lot of potential out there.

Unfortunately most of them would probably have worked best with a Telltale game style approach, so I wonder if Netflix would consider setting something up similar themselves and try running it a bit better? Maybe even make games and TV shows in tandem with each other? Although I swear that sort of thing has been talked about for years and it never seems to happen.


Only a mother could love

I reckon there are quite a few CGI interpretations of much-loved characters that I like less than this Sonic. Off the top of my head these include Yoda in Episode II (encouraged them to do that pinball fight scene), Jabba in Episode IV, Leia in Rogue One, Garfield, Yogi Bear, The Smurfs, and Scooby-Doo. However, many people do like them, and they don’t ruin the movie for me, so I’m not going to shout from the rafters demanding they be changed.

I also feel sorry for the person who designed this version of Sonic. The knee-jerk mob mentality has deemed that their work should be derided and the studio has already agreed to change it. I imagine this won’t help the artist’s career much.

In the case of this and other movies, I’d rather wait for the finished product, as I think the script is much more important to my enjoyment than the quality of Sonic’s dentistry.

GC: A majority of people not liking something is not necessarily a knee-jerk mentality. And your main character looking like a nightmare creature is important. But if you like the look of the film then good for you.


20 years and counting

Just realised that Silent Hill is 20 years old this year, which I notice is not something Konami bothered to celebrate or even mention. I guess that tells you everything you need to know about their plans for series but it really is such a shame, especially given how amazing Silent Hills was looking.

I don’t even know how you go back from that, because the minute the game looks anything less than the P.T. demo you just become a laughing stock. That demo was really only a few minutes long for most people but it was scary as hell. I think Konami know they can never beat that and have just buried the whole franchise.
Bear Fighter


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Chalice achievement

Exultation! I’ve finally conquered Cuphead. Naturally, the Devil (the final boss) was an exceedingly difficult climatic battle; easily the hardest boss in the game for me. His wily, diabolical attack patterns caused me to perish around a hundred times. It was only through pure, unyielding tenacity that I was able to overcome such a mountainous challenge.

I can’t commend Studio MDHR enough for their tremendous work on Cuphead. It’s instantly become one of my favourite games of the generation, has the best boss designs I’ve ever experienced in a Western developed game, and indisputably belongs in the upper echelon of all-time run and gun greats such as Gunstar Heroes, Astro Boy: Omega Factor, Super Contra, Hard Corps, Alien Soldier, Sunset Riders, and Metal Slug X and 3, as far as I’m concerned.

Curiously, in your review (or was it a reply to a reader?) you mentioned that you thought the exquisite 1930s era cartoon aesthetics were slightly wasted on a game as relatively simple as Cuphead, but I have to vehemently disagree with you there, GC. For me the snappy, adrenaline – fuelled run ‘n’ gun genre, and the incomparable, supremely expressive and distinctive art style, are an astronomically harmonious configuration.

Quite frankly, I couldn’t think of a more perfect match to encapsulate the abounding energy and eccentricities of that golden period of animation. A special mention also goes out to the expertly designed run and gun stages and weapon/special ability systems, and the rousing old school jazz soundtrack.

So enamoured with this game am I that I’ve decided to expeditiously venture into expert mode to truly test my mettle now. I’ve already finished the first isle on expert mode, and boy were some of the bosses, such as the Ryu and Ken pastiches, Ribby and Croaks, and Hilda Berg, extremely hard this time around. I just checked and I’ve died a total of 576 times after around 20 hours. What can I say: no pain, no gain!

I’d like to raise this glass and make a toast celebrating the greatness that is Cuphead. I hope deep down in my heart that Treasure have experienced this wonderful game in some capacity, and that their dormant (being wishful here) competitive fire is rekindled enough for them to jump back into the ring.
Galvanized Gamer


Inbox also-rans

Given the mixed reception, to put it mildly, towards the latest Game Of Thrones episode I’m not sure a game would go down so well anymore. Although between The Mountain and the dragon there are a lot of obvious end of level bosses…

Me and the family loved Detective Pikachu. Maybe not the greatest film ever but very entertaining and funny. Just a shame we’ll probably never get a game that looks like that in the same style.


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