Games Inbox: What do you think of the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare beta?

Games Inbox: What do you think of the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare beta?

The Monday Inbox laments the lack of scary games out this Halloween, as more readers discuss their favourite Dreamcast games.

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Movement warfare

I’ve been playing the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare beta over the weekend. I didn’t play the 2v2 Gunfight beta, but I assume the basics were the same, although they were obviously new to me. I’m in two minds about it though as to be honest it seems a bit of an uncomfortable mix.

On the one hand there’s lots of changes that all seemed to be designed to make you play more slowly and more tactically, more realistically you could say (except for the whole instant reincarnation thing). This works really world. Doors aren’t just open or close but can be moved slowly, you can rest your weapon on most flat surfaces for extra balance, and there’s no mini-map so you have to be careful.

But the problem is that everyone moves more or less the same as usual, so everyone’s still running around and jumping about like they’re on the Moon, while the maps seem to be designed for a completely different style of movement. I found it very odd and while I got used to it after a while it never stopped seeming like a mismatch.

Be interested to know what other people thought of it as I’m really not sure whether I’m getting the game now or not.
PS: Good Reader’s Feature at the weekend about how betas are more likely to put you off than on to new games. Although in this case I’m still not sure where I stand.


World without fear

Not very happy to hear about Disney selling off Fox’s game division, it seemed like they were getting pretty ambitious which is unusual for a film company. Plus, they had licenses like Die Hard and Avatar that they could’ve done interesting things with. I really hope the new Aliens game hasn’t been canned but I don’t see how another company comes along and buys them and then has automatic access to what are essentially Disney films. I assume that’s not happening.

That Switch port of Alien Isolation might be dead too, which is a bummer. I kind of imagined that’d be coming out of Halloween but now I think all we’ll have is Luigi’s Mansion 3.

A reader asked recently what was people’s favourite scary video game and it’s no wonder most of the suggestions were incredibly old. People don’t seem to like being scared any more. Or at least it seems that one. The Blair Witch game doesn’t seem to have done much and I doubt even Silent Hills would’ve if it had come out. I find a world without fear strangely scary.


Nobody finishes anything

I thought I was giving Sonic Mania short shrift by just playing through the game once without playing again as Tails/Knuckles or collecting all the Chaos Emeralds. But then I looked at the completion rate in the PlayStation 4 Trophies. Only 3.5% of people who have played the game have achieved any ending. That means that 96.5% of players couldn’t get through the five hours or so it takes to complete it. I know others have talked about this in the Inbox before but I find this really surprising. Does it mean most people just didn’t like the game or does hardly anyone play games to completion anymore? I’d understand not finishing a 100-hour epic a little more but surely if you’ve forked out the money you’d at least want to get five hours out of the game.

Focussing on Sonic Mania itself, the team has made a brilliant effort in not just recreating the old 2D Sonic games but bettering them. There is definitely more gameplay variety and invention than I ever remember from the originals themselves. In saying that I was still left wanting a bit by the end. Speeding across a level at full pelt looks great and is exciting but to be honest at those points you’re barely in control. The rest of the time is made up of fairly average platforming that is more frustrating than thrilling. The whole concept very much seems to prioritise style over substance and just doesn’t leave a lasting impression in the same way a Mario game does.

Basically, Sonic is junk food and Mario is a never-ending feast of invention. It’s no surprise that Mario has outlasted Sonic, the classic gameplay having been constantly reinvented and reinvigorated with each generation of titles. Maybe the reason Sonic has never had a real hit since his heyday isn’t just mismanagement alone, maybe he didn’t really deserve to live beyond the 16-bit era in the first place. Okay, so now I’ve successfully stirred the pot I will return to my 1990s playground.
Ryan O’D
PS: Whilst playing Sonic I couldn’t help thinking that this is the perfect material for a live action film… obviously it’d have to be a horror.

GC: That percentage is normal for just about any game and has been for a very long time. It seems weird to us too, but it’s just one of the realities of gaming.


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PS4 Pak

Have GC or any readers got any experience with the mClassic? it’s essentially a plug and play graphics processor which connects to your PlayStation 4 (and any mainstream console by the looks of it) and supposedly enhances the graphics and lighting of all games, etc.

But didn’t the PS4 Pro do this? It actually reminds me of the Expansion Pak for the N64, but I’m sceptical of buying, so looking for GC community experience. Perhaps you guys could even review?

GC: We’re extremely sceptical, but we admit we’ve never tried it.


Ominous year

I’ve always wanted to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, and with Japan hosting the Tokyo 2020 Olympics alongside the Universal Studios opening of Nintendo World there’s never been a better time to tick this off my bucket list.

Just one thing is stopping me fulfil a childhood dream, 2020 is also the coming of Akira… I’ve seen that movie.

I think I’ll watch this show at home.
Bad Edit


Family Christmas

I got a Dreamcast second-hand for the kids’ Christmas with a whole bag of games for next to nothing, just as it started its decline. I had been video gaming since the Spectrum days and was becoming a little jaded, but when I sneakily tried it out before Christmas, with titles like Space Channel 5, Jet Set Radio, and Power Stone I was immediately impressed.

So I went online and ordered Dance Dance Revolution with the dance mat, Sega Bass Fishing and the rod, and Samba de Amigo and the maracas. Christmas was a hoot. We had the nans dancing and shaking maracas and everyone in fits of laughter years before the Wii would achieve much the same. My most favourite console ever.


Not quite first of their kind

Chu Chu Rocket, Crazy Taxi, Phantasy Star Online, Jet Set Radio, Super Monkey Ball, Metropolis Street Racer, Shenmue, even Sonic Adventure with its breeding of the Chaos. And the all-encompassing Skies of Arcadia, those Gigas (gasp), the sense of exploration that game brought upon myself – and my little nephews when one of them deleted my save after many, many hours!

These were all games which I had never seen the likes of before. Well, OK I mean I’d had a N64 before that, so I’d seen some games like them before… but from playing Phantasy Star Online on dial-up with my mate to the pure mayhem of Crazy Taxi – bursting through stalls and bins in the ultimate arcade stylee, shaving off those milliseconds – these were firsts and I will always be grateful to Sega for that.

Now playing Shenmue on Game Pass.
big boy bent

GC: Super Monkey Ball wasn’t on Dreamcast; the first console edition was on the GameCube.


Forgotten case

I really enjoyed reading the Hot Topic at the weekend. It is very clear by the length of some of the entries that people have very fond memories of the Dreamcast. Great contributions from everyone – and one of the reasons I enjoy being part of the GC community.

Although I can’t believe no one mentioned probably the worst game cases in console history, they seemed to crack or break if you looked at then the wrong way.

Also, for those interested in the forthcoming PC Engine mini next March a few games have recently been added to the line-up, these are:

Seirei Senshi Spriggan (PC Engine)
Spriggan Mark 2
Dragon Spirit
Galaga ’88
The Genji And The Heike Clans
The Legend Of Valkyrie

Fingers crossed it lives up to all the expectations.

GC: That sounds great, we can’t wait.


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Same as it ever was

What’s with all the puerile, catty comments in the Underbox of so many of the Inboxes? For years, decades even, I’ve known GC/Digi to be a pleasant, welcoming and friendly place, despite this the Underbox at times looks like a YouTube comment section with snideness running rampant.

Is it a statutory Facebook requirement that you have to a be a wazzock to everyone online or something? I’ve just read a great Reader’s Feature about beta tests (totally agree with the writer, as I’ve done the same myself with Monster Hunter: World and many others) where someone’s asking why someone else downloaded a Call Of Duty beta if they didn’t like the multiplayer, in an argumentative manner.

1) How is that your business? and 2) Why does it matter? No comment on the reader providing a good article for us to read, or any attempt to initiate some discussion on the points he made, just a passive aggressive attempt to cause aggro with quotation marks. I don’t like MOBA games in general, but I’ve downloaded a few and tried them as I’m always open to changing to mind if a game grabs my attention enough, is that a hard concept to grasp?

Say the sky is blue on GC lately and you’ll get five in the Underbox arguing it’s purple or a form of green. It’s a sad indictment of how nasty and lonely so many folk must be that they spend their time in comment sections picking holes and being negative. Heck, even Presidents and Prime Ministers are a it. I’m so glad I’m no longer on Facebook, it just appears to be infested with trolls that think they’re amusing. I just picture them all looking and sounding like Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons myself.

Feel free to abuse me in the Underbox, safe in the knowledge I can’t/won’t reply. I’d suggest taking a long hard look at yourself though before flaming the opinion of others or perhaps y’know, try and become a better person and be more positive instead of skimming Inboxes to find the one thing you can take digs at. It’s genuinely like a pack of bullies at times and the person that’s on the receiving end never seems to get involved.

The Internet is amazing at times and I’d be loath to lose it, but I do hate that it gives cowards behind screens the license to be downright rude when in reality they’d likely not have the courage in real life.

GC: The comments section has always been like that, it’s the Internet default. Which is what the Inbox is supposed to be a respite from. You can hide the comments by clicking the double vertical arrows to the right of where it says, ‘Add comment’; comments will then be hidden by default for every subsequent page you visit.


Inbox also-rans

I was wondering if GameCentral have played the digital game Erica on the PSN Store? I was wondering if you know if it is any good or not? Until I looked at the trailer I didn’t realise it was an FMV game throughout.
Andrew J.

GC: We have not. We really wish companies wouldn’t surprise launch games, as it plays hell with our reviews schedules and often leads to them being left out.

I’d forgotten all about ARMS and had no idea it had a so many updates, that’s quit impressive. It needed some kind of story mode though. I have no idea what the setting is meant to be about and I think that hurt it’s success. I’d welcome an ARMS 2 on Switch though.


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox is based on the fact that this week is the 20th anniversary of the Dreamcast launch in America, so we want to know your memories of Sega’s last home console.

Did you own or play a Dreamcast back in the day and what are your fondest memories of it? Do you think it was a good console and what did you like about it most? What were your favourite games for it and why? Have you played any of them recently and how do you think they stand up now?

Did you use the online features of the Dreamcast and what did you think of them? How upset were you when Sega left the hardware business and do you still play the Dreamcast or its games today?

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