Games Inbox: What would you want from Days Gone DLC?

Games Inbox: What would you want from Days Gone DLC?

The morning Inbox is very curious about the alleged Fable reboot, as one reader is convinced Final Fantasy VII Remake will be on PS5.

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Hordes of ideas

I’ve just finished Days Gone too and agree with what I think is the general consensus (it’s kind of hard to tell now): it’s a fun game but not very original and doesn’t make use of its most important feature. But now that it’s done, and seeing that it’s been a much bigger hit than everyone expected, I wonder what the chances of some DLC are?

You get at least something for almost all Sony games (I think God Of War was the only big exception) so the odds are it’ll be the same for this.

The obvious idea for me is to tackle the criticism that the hordes aren’t in it enough and that there are too many missions against human enemies. Add in some new anti-horde weapons and make it so that they roam around a lot more, attacking the different settlements and that seems a pretty good set-up to me. They’re pretty static at the moment so have it so you could run into them at any time and I think that would a pretty big upgrade from how things are at the moment.


Double Christmas

So the new Ghost Recon is just… Wildlands 2. That’s a bit of a disappointment. I had Wildlands for a while until I sold it but it was okay, but not really anything I could ever get excited about. I certainly would’ve preferred something a bit more focused and tactical but hey ho.

The interesting thing to me is the rumoured release date, which is 4 October. Unless Ubisoft is going to have two massive games before Christmas that kind of rules out all the rumours of Watch Dogs 3, so maybe that’s going to be moved to the spring slot of Far Cry/The Division. Although Ubisoft has released games in December before so maybe they’ll be doubling up. Maybe the spring game will finally be Splinter Cell, as I don’t think they have anything else on the slate that could come out then.

I would complain that I’d like something new but actually Ubisoft are one of the better big name publishers for that this gen so that’s not entirely true. They usually have a good E3 too, so hopefully there will be some surprises. Excite!


Pass GO

The thing that surprises me about Detective Pikachu is that although it obviously got greenlighted because of Pokémon GO it doesn’t seem to have anything to really do with it. I’ve never played the 3DS game it’s based on but as far as I understand it doesn’t let you catch or battle pokémon? Does any of that happen in the movie? Is there any parts of it that are obviously pandering to Pokémon GO players rather than hardcore fans?

I’m going to see the film and will be very interested to see how it does and what influence it has on future video game movies. But I do find it interesting that although it’s technically very authentic to the game it’s based on, that game is very different to most other Pokémon games, so it seems more like a loophole than anything.

GC: Catching and battling pokémon is illegal in the city the movie is set in. It’s a fairly close adaptation of the game, although there is one bit right at the beginning that interprets an element of the lore in favour of Pokémon GO over the mainline games. (We’re trying to avoid spoilers, obviously.)


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Man of No Tomorrow

I know GC are big DC fans so I thought you might find this interesting. It’s some concept art for a proposed Superman game that never got made. Nothing to do with Rocksteady (who have denied they were ever planning to make one), but it was pitched in 2014, so a bit before Batman: Arkham Knight. So I imagine the idea was to have this take over after the Arkham games while Rocksteady do… whatever they’re doing.

It’s just concept art but I like the scale of it and it underlines that Supes actually has a great rogues gallery of villains that are a real threat to him. I’m hoping to see an annoucement of more DC games at E3 but not really holding my breath. With all the rumours and leaks over the years I get the feeling that Warner must’ve cancelled more projects than almost any other company over the years.

I’m all for quality control but it’s not as if Arkham Knight and Mad Max were amazing, so I do wonder if they’re just being to cautious.


Final chance

A current gen release for Final Fantasy VII Remake doesn’t make much sense to me. Apart from us having seen almost nothing of the game up till now if it is episodic then that is definitely going to end up with the episodes leaking into the next gen, which is going to cause all kinds of confusion. And I agree that is probably is episodic because the original is so long and packed full of different things because it was cheaper to make it that way back in the PS1 era. It isn’t now so to have everything is going to be bigger than just one game.

My guess is that it’s going to end up a very early, possibly even launch title, for the PlayStation 5. As a killer app goes that’s quite a doozy and Square Enix don’t have to worry about the small userbase because once the other episodes are finished it’ll be much bigger.

That’s my theory anyway, but I also don’t think it makes sense to finally do a high-tech remake and then only be able to release it for an outgoing format, with a more powerful one on the horizon. They only get one chance at this so they have to make it count.


Pub champion

In response to adams6legend and Pub Fighter. I remember seeing it in a magazine. I can’t remember which one it was now as I used to get quite a selection, but I do seem to recall it was supposed to be on the Jaguar.
I didn’t realise it was an April Fool, and since the rise of the internet I have, on numerous occasions, searched to see if I could find any videos or other info about it. Being an April Fool probably explains why I could never find anything. Somebody should make it!

I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for digitised fighters, and I would love to see a modern version of Mortal Kombat Trilogy, but I doubt that will ever happen. I’ll just have to make do playing Brief Karate Foolish, and Streets Of Fury EX to get my digitised fix.
Dan H.

GC: Oddly, one of the closest games is NES title Urban Champion. Which is clearly a pub brawl that’s been taken outside – complete with the protagonists pretending to stop when the police go by. It may be the least Nintendo game they’ve ever made.



Just in case anyone’s wondering but that Game Of Thrones thing that Microsoft were teasing did turn out to be custom consoles after all. It was kind of obvious but it’s an awful lot of fuss to make for basically a competition, although I guess at least they look better than those Godzilla ones.

I do agree that the Game Of Thrones licence would be a good one for Microsoft to pick up though, and at least this proves they’ve been talking to HBO recently.


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Fable-ous E3

Even though Sony aren’t there I’m really looking forward to this E3, just because we don’t know what we’re getting this year more than any. Microsoft could announce almost everything about the Xbox Two or almost nothing I wouldn’t be surprised at either. I guess the sensible guess is somewhere in the middle but since the had a pretty good year last year, even though the Xbox One was essentially already dead, I’m confident they’ll have plenty to talk about.

The thing I’m most interested in is Fable, which technically hasn’t been announced but which everyone seems to think is definitely coming from the makers of Forza Horizon. I don’t know how much they know about role-playing games but I actually hope it’s not too much as Fable was never a traditional role-player, in fact I’m not sure it should even really be counted as one.

For me it was a much more unique action adventure, like Zelda in that it wasn’t quite like anything else. So I hope they realise that and keep all the family stuff and complex character interaction. Also the sense of humour, of course, and all the choices. The combat could certainly do with a rethink, there’s no argument there, but I’d hate to see it trying to copy the Ubisoft/Sony formula or anything like that. Just make it it’s own game it could be the best yet.


Inbox also-rans

OMG GC! I can’t believe you let that reader completely spoil Detective Pikachu and promoted piracy at the same time! Shame on you! (Even if I don’t like the movie, that video is already the best thing I’ve seen all year. Pikachu is so cute!)

Just as a point of interest but Detective Pikachu and Sonic The Hedgehog are both made by the same visual effects company. Just goes to show the difference budget and directors/suits that know what they’re doing makes…

GC: Wow. Just goes to shows that even in movies it’s the art design that’s most important.


This week’s Hot Topic

With Pokémon: Detective Pikachu out this week, the subject for this weekend’s Inbox was fairly obvious: what’s your favourite video game movie?

What movie based on an existing video game franchise is your favourite and why? Is it a good movie in its own right or do you just enjoy the connection to the game? Are there any TV shows or cartoons that you’d rate higher and what do you think in general is the best way to adapt a video game into live action or animation?

Why do you think so many movies get things wrong and what advice would you give on upcoming movies or your own dream projects? And do you think Detective Pikachu (or Sonic) will change anything?

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