Games Inbox: What’s the best Metal Gear game?

Games Inbox: What’s the best Metal Gear game?

The Morning Inbox thinks esports stars should use their real name, as Crash Team Racing’s microtransactions come in for more criticism.

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Solid recommendations

Since it’s the biggest exclusive this year on PlayStation 4 (sorry MediEvil) I’ve been looking into Death Stranding a bit and I’m confused. I think that’s everyone’s position but as someone that’s never played a Metal Gear game I’ve even less idea what to think or expect.

Since I assume nobody has answers on Death Stranding I’m thinking about trying a few Metal Gear games ahead of time and wondered what everyone would recommend? As far as I can tell there are no easily available remakes for any of the early games, which seems odd for a series I thought was meant to be really famous, so I’m not sure whether I’d be better off with a newer one?

Metal Gear Solid V seems to have got good reviews but most of them also seem to say it’s not much like the previous games? But, to me, the open world desert landscape looks relatively similar to Death Stranding, so maybe there’s a closer relation there? Basically, I don’t know where to start or even if I’d like it once I try it. But I’m willing to give it a go.
Clint Westwood



The one thing that really makes me cringe about these guys that play esports: every one of them has a ridiculous nickname that they use to try to seem ‘cool’.

You wouldn’t see Lewis Hamilton call himself KornerSpeedKilla when he is in his car, or Lionel Messi demand that his name is BallDribblaSamurai on the team sheet.

We reached a level where games are now mainstream, but these esporters are giving themselves ridiculous names because they want to look cool.

Not only is it the complete opposite, but the news outlets mainly report on eSports players now, so the audience thinks we are all the same. Major step back for gaming.

Esporters, please use your actual name.
Jonathan Brannick (OakTreeInn – PSN ID)

GC: Those names for Lewis Hamilton and Messi are amazing, by the way.


Add them in later

What does GC (or their readers) think about Activision sneaking microtransactions into Crash Team Racing? Not too much the microtransactions themselves – at this point we all know how much they are hated – but more how sneaky adding them in after all the reviews are released and eyes are elsewhere.

I think it is disgusting. Disingenuous and exploitative. I hope these publishers end up getting tightly regulated over things like this but I’m not holding my breath.

GC: We had another letter in on this same thing earlier, it seems to be Activision’s standard MO nowadays. They’ve done it with Call Of Duty multiple times now.


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Skool Bully

Bully is by far my favourite Rockstar game. Self-referential, distinct in tone but ultimately a hell of a lot of fun to play.

I agree with my fellow reader who noted its DNA lies within the classic Skool Daze. I can still remember the first time I managed to jump the school gate into the girl’s school while balancing on the back of my trusty bike. Now that was fun!

So, Bully 2 would be much welcomed by my overly nostalgic gaming heart.

Also, consider the online possibilities. Exchange visits, summer camps, school trips, expulsion, offers from new schools, end of year reports…

It is such a creative possibility; I do hope we get to see it.


Not awful

Just gotten round to watching Solo: A Star Wars Story. I didn’t think it was as bad as a lot of people said but maybe that’s because I set my expectations low due to the negative reactions and I’m also not the biggest Star Wars fan and not really clued up on all the lore, names, places, etc. So seeing it as a sci-fi movie set in the Star Wars universe, I thought it was alright.

One of the best bits for me, although short, was the vehicle chase near the beginning. Watching those hover things whizzing around and then cross the bridge made me feel like I was watching F-Zero: The Movie!

GC: It was always all right, but that’s not really much to be proud of.


The music of Doom

Following up what I was asking in yesterday evening’s Inbox, I was aware that Doom was originally a PC game but what I am unclear about is the change of musical score on the PlayStation version. I believe this is the same one used on Doom 64, so how did it come about and who actually owns it? And has it appeared on any other format versions?

I don’t know if Doom was on the Sega Saturn, I presume it was and would also presume it would be the same version as the PlayStation’s. Sorry it’s such a boring topic, but it’s something that I would like to get to the bottom of.
captainbloodsnot (PSN ID)

GC: It’s fine, but we don’t really remember the PlayStation version specifically so can’t help. Your best bet is to search YouTube for Doom 64 (and the Saturn version) and see if they’re the same. If Doom 64 really is getting a re-release then you may be in luck.


Fighting for boxing

I’d like to join in with the calls for some Inbox magic for a new Fight Night. I hated the last one where they tried to shoehorn some boxing into a terrible story.

Let me create a stupid looking boxer with a stupid name and stick-waggle my way to the top like the first couple of games did and I’ll be a happy bunny.


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It’s just a fad

Ryan OD’s letter about Final Fantasy VII reminded me of an incident completely unrelated, but also on a radio station, this time in the UK, where music from video games were being played to a classical music-orientated demographic.

I don’t remember the station or the song specifically but it was from the Final Fantasy VII repertoire, which had the host dealing with argumentative listeners debating that such music didn’t belong on the same airwaves as their beloved classical tastes and that in 20 plus years’ time no one will care for such sacrilegious content to be heard.

Of course, even at the time of this particular show, Final Fantasy VII was over 20 years old.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced second-hand embarrassment in our lifetimes but none more satisfying than this, it’s just a shame radio spared them the red faces.
Bad Edit
PS: It was a complete fluke I was listening at the time!

GC: Sounds like maybe Classic FM, we remember they had a lot of pushback when they started playing video game music.


Inbox also-rans

Played it on the PC and would also recommend Mutant Year Zero. It’s a shame the Switch version won’t have the same graphics, which are really nice, but it’s definitely my favourite XCOM clone. The way it moves from exploration to combat is really great.

Alan Wake and For Honor are free on PC on Epic Games Store from today.
Andrew J.


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Gannet, who asks what’s your favourite fictional universe in video games?

Regardless of the quality of the games themselves what setting is your favourite and why? Is it a version of the real-world or something completely fantastical? Why do you think it works so well and how consistent is the universe between different games?

How much do you care about background lore in video games and what’s your preferred way of getting that sort of information across?

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