Genshin Impact: 10 Things You Need to Know About Chongyun

Genshin Impact: 10 Things You Need to Know About Chongyun

Genshin Impact is home to a wide range of characters, all with different personalities and fighting styles. Liyue’s cast, in particular, is especially interesting since it’s rooted in Chinese culture. Chongyun is a four-star cryo claymore user who lives his life by working as an exorcist. He is a passionate young boy who has a modest take on life that has earned him fame throughout Liyue.

While Chongyun doesn’t himself care for the attention, he feels it’s his duty to help those around him who are in need. Sadly, most people in Liyue seem to misunderstand Chongyun due to his icy expression.

10 He Has Overwhelming Energy

Chongyun arguably didn’t really need a vision as he has been powerful since birth. Chongyun was born with a surplus of positive energy that makes him one of the most powerful exorcists to have ever been seen; this is well-known by his clan and the people of Liyue.

Sadly, this causes him to constantly run hot, which can have some adverse effects in the right conditions.

9 He Can Become Drunk on Power

The biggest problem Chongyun has is when he overheats; he seems to get drunk on his power. He loses control of his emotions and acts much like a drunk adult. He tends to make a mess of the things around him and is louder than normal, often causing himself to owe money later on.

Xiangling has seen this happen and fully believes that this is Chongyuns true personality.

8 His Job is Easy

Luckily, his abundance of energy actually comes with quite a few perks—the biggest one being that his job is insanely easy. Only Chongyun needs to do to get rid of an evil spirit is walk into the room and sit down for a few hours; his powerful energy will make anything negative flee in fear.

Chongyun does sometimes feel like the job is so easy that he shouldn’t take payment, though.

7 He Has Heightened Senses

Chongyun has also proven to be one of the most insightful characters in Liyue Harbor. Chongyun knows that Qiqi is a zombie but is able to sense the power of the Adepti on her. He also knows that there is something off about Zhongli, who is secretly Rex Lapis in human form.

This isn’t surprising given the fact that he has contact with Xiao and is used to the supernatural.

6 He Loves Listening to Stories

One of Chongyun’s favorite things to do on his day off of work is listen to the spoken tales of Liyue. He enjoys hearing the fables of Liyues pasts and seems like the type of person who would enjoy audiobooks more than the standard variety that he would need to take the time to read.

This actually isn’t surprising given who he chose as a best friend.

5 He Prefers Inazuma’s Dishes

Since Chongyun overheats whenever he gets too hot, he isn’t able to eat any of Liyue’s famous spicy dishes. Inazuma cuisine is quite different, though, as the region actually focuses on making cold cuisines. Thanks to the unique temperature of the food, Chongyun is able to eat as much as he wants without worry.

This isn’t saying that he doesn’t secretly want to partake in spicy dishes from time to time.

4 Hot Springs Scare Him

One of the biggest fears Chongyun has is going to a hot spring. In fact, many people in Liyue have talked to him about how refreshing it is to bathe in one, but Chongyun thinks that the fabled hot water is nothing but a cruel way for people to tease him about his condition.

Even Xingqiu tries to convince him that he should try one out to see if it helps soothe his energy. He has however decided to go swimming in a Dragonspine lake, which in retrospect in much more terrifying.

3 Xingqiu is His Best Friend

Xingqiu is best friends with Chongyun, and the two boys are often seen spending time together in Liyue. Xingqiu is more than happy to help Chongyun out and wants to help him quell his power. While Xingqiu is supportive, he does still like to pull pranks on Chongyun.

This is because of how trusting of a person Chongyun is, making him an easy target for Xingqiu.

2 He Respects Xiao

Chongyun, along with the rest of his clan, knows of the existence of the Yaksha Xiao. Chongyun seems to have also met and spoken with Xiao as he mentions his token cold-nature. While Xiao may not have given a warm greeting, Chongyun has immense respect for the Adeptis.

Like Chongyun, Xiao also helps to remove evil from the land, though Xiao seems to think that he is more effective at it.

1 He Loves Sweets

One of the most well-known things about Chongyun is the fact that he always has a popsicle in his hand. This isn’t just to help him control his body temperature, though. As it turns out, Chongyun is a huge fan of sweets, and the fact that popsicles help cool him down is just a bonus.

Chongyun can even be seen enjoying the sweet treat in his idol animation and in tons of fan screenshots.

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