Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG: 10 Tips For Quick Leveling

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG: 10 Tips For Quick Leveling

After a few years of its release, Genshin Impact's developers introduced the Genius Invokation TCG game mode, which is supposed to be one of the endgame aspects of the game. In this card game, you can use multiple character cards that you're already familiar with and experience a new fighting style.

There are many methods to level up in the game, and you can unlock more character cards as you go higher, with Cyno being unlocked on level seven. There are many ways to make your leveling quicker and get the cards that you want much faster in the game mode.

10/10 Fight All The NPCs

The best way to get experience and level up your character is by battling different NPCs around the world. Whenever you search for opponents from the gadget provided to you at the start of the TCG quest, it will highlight all the NPCs that you've fought and the ones that you can still fight.

The more you progress in the world of Teyvat, the higher will be the experience you gain from fighting them. Although, some areas are locked behind your current level as well.

9/10 Make Sure You Do Your Weekly Tasks

Players have been eager to know how The Cat's Tail looks, and it was unlocked for everyone along with the introduction of Genius Invokation TCG. Once you've finished the main quest, four opponents will be ready to fight you at this place every week.

This part of the game mode is time-limited, and your opponents will change once the week reset, even if you haven't fought them yet. It's important to keep an eye and ensure that you finish these battles before the reset. You can also see a reminder for the same when you open your map.

8/10 Reaction-Based Teams Are Great

Just like the combat in the open world of Teyvat, reactions play a huge role in this card game as well. While most reactions affect the battle by giving you extra damage, some of them can also make the enemy's cards unable to perform. The perfect example of this would be the freeze reactions.

While you can still defeat most opponents without any sort of reaction, it definitely makes the process faster. Moreover, the game is very rewarding if you can successfully trigger different reactions like Quicken or Vaporize.

7/10 Pay Attention To Enemy Lineup

While this option is easy to miss, you can actually check what you'll be up against before starting the battle with any NPC. To do this, you have to get to the screen that gives you the option to start the battle and shows you the rewards you'll earn from different objectives.

Right beside the Start button, you'll see an option called "Opposing Lineup". When you click on it, you'll be able to see all the cards that the NPC will start with, and even the cards that will come on the battlefield if you defeat one of the active cards.

6/10 PvP Doesn't Give You Experience

During a questionnaire, Genshin Impact's developers mentioned that they don't want to create too much player-vs-player competition in their game modes. To go along with this statement, PvP doesn't give you any specific reward in Genius Invokation TCG.

You can battle your friends or other players at random from the billboard in Cat's Tail, but you won't get any experience or money from it. Furthermore, there are no leaderboards to grind the PvP mode for.

5/10 Unlock The Required Characters

The second thing you can do through the billboard in Cat's Tail is inviting different characters to fight against you. If you win this fight, you'll be able to acquire the character and their exclusive support cards. While this sounds enticing, it can be a waste of time if you're trying to level up quickly.

It's not hard to get the letters required to invite these characters, but the battle against them doesn't give you any player EXP. So, it's recommended to get the best characters for your main deck and then grind other methods to get player EXP.

4/10 Event And Support Cards Can Be Game-Changing

There are a lot of NPCs that you have to fight in order to level up in Genius Invokation TCG. While this can be time-consuming, there are a ton of Support and Event cards that can make the process much faster. For example, the Katheryne card shown above makes your first switch a Fast-Action every round.

This means that you can still use an attack from the character that you switched to. Similarly, some Paimon and Noelle cards give you Omni dice and more fast-action switches. While this might sound insignificant for one battle, it can make a huge time difference if you use them continuously.

3/10 Jean Can Easily Disrupt The Enemy

While she might not have the best abilities, Jean is still great for fighting against NPCs in an Adventure Challenge when it comes to Genius Invocation TCG. This is because you can see the next move that'll be performed by the NPC in this challenge (Note that a duel against an NPC doesn't follow the same procedure).

Jean's skill has an effect that forces the enemy to switch to the next card. So, if the active character for the enemy is supposed to perform the next attack, you can constantly force them to switch and prevent it.

2/10 You Don't Have To Clear All The Objectives

When you start a battle with an NPC, you'll see three objectives that will give you different rewards if you can achieve them. Although, the only objective that gives you player EXP is winning the battle itself. So, you don't have to fight the NPC again if you won without achieving the other objectives.

If your priority is player level, you can always come back to these NPCs later when you did everything that can give you EXP. Although, you should still try to get all the objectives in the first fight itself.

1/10 Aggressive Play Style Is Recommended

Finally, another thing you can do if you want to focus on your player level is to play aggressively. As mentioned above, you'll know the opponent's lineup and their attacks in an Adventure Challenge, which is what the majority of battles in Genius Invokation TCG consist of.

Since you know the damage you'll get from a particular attack, you can use it to even sacrifice your characters at certain times to get a faster victory. Moreover, you can also select characters with quick and high damage.

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