Genshin Impact: How To Get Jean And Barbara’s Summer Outfits

Genshin Impact: How To Get Jean And Barbara’s Summer Outfits

The Genshin Impact 1.6 update has not only promised new characters. They’ve also introduced character outfits for the first time. We have summer-themed outfits for sisters Jean and Barbara that are now available.

These first two outfits are obtained in different ways and Barbara’s is free for all players. Here’s how to get your hands on Jean and Barbara’s summertime skins.

How To Get Jean’s Summer Outfit –  Sea Breeze Dandelion

When you first log into the game after updating you’ll get the usual array of messages in your inbox. One of these advertises Jean’s summer wear. You’ll also see this splash screen if you enter the store through the Paimon menu.

It’s available to purchase from the in-game shop and is currently 1350 Genesis Crystals. This will rise to 1680 at the end of the offer which is just shy of six weeks from release.

Genesis Crystals are the real-money currency of Genshin Impact and cannot be earned in-game. They can be exchanged for Primogems as well as other items.

If you’ve never purchased the currency before, you can get a bundle of 980 Genesis Crystals for £14.99 that will double up to 1,960 giving you enough to purchase the outfit with some leftover. Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase one of the larger bundles.

To get the outfit simply enter the Paimon menu and click shop. There is currently a large banner you can click to enter the purchase screen shown above. Alternatively, you can select ‘character outfits’ and then the purple icon of Jean.

You’ll come to the screen above which shows a preview you can check before you continue with your purchase in the usual way. Congratulations, Jean is now ready for summer!

How To Get Barbara’s Summertime Sparkle Dandelion Outfit

The good news about Barbara’s outfit is that it is free to obtain. The bad news is that you’ll need to complete the Echoing Tales event, which appears to be unlocking gradually.

If you’re Adventure Rank 35 or above, then you can begin collecting Echoing Conches as you journey through the Midsummer Island quests. Once you have collected 24 then you’ll unlock the outfit.

Clicking the preview button on the event banner will allow you to take a look at the finer details of Barbara’s beachwear, just as you could with Jean’s outfit.

Will There Be More Outfits In Genshin Impact?

There is currently no information regarding future outfits in Genshin Impact. However, Mihoyo has added a new character outfits section to the shop, as well as to the character menu.

Based on this, as well as the fact that outfits are a staple in Mihuyo’s Honkai Impact, we assume that we’ll see more in the future. For now, we have to be content with making Mondstadt’s favourite sisters ready for the warm weather.

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