Genshin Impact: How To Get Luxurious Chest In Blazin’ Trail

Genshin Impact: How To Get Luxurious Chest In Blazin’ Trail

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Blazin' Trail is the third main quest within the Summer Odyssey event in Genshin Impact. While the domains in this quest are much easier to beat than the quest before this, there is a lot more hidden treasure in this one. One of these treasure chests is a Luxurious Chest, which is casually sitting along with two Exquisite Chests near the Frozen Soul.

There is no requirement to unlock this chest to finish the Blazin' Trail itself, and you will miss it during the quest since it forces you out of the domain. This guide will be assuming that you've already finished the Blazin' Trail quest and know where to find Blazing Heart and Frozen Soul. If you haven't, feel free to check out this article.

Where To Find The Luxurious Chest

If you have just finished the Blazin' Trail quest, you probably aren't even aware of the existence of this chest. To locate it, head over to the drum that you used to get into the domain for the first time. Here, click on "The Islands' Stirring Strings" and click on the option below Phantasmal Tales.

Here, you will be able to see the number of chests and conches you missed within the domain. Enter the domain and find the room with Frozen Soul. To do that, you can start by heading over to Blazing Heart and interacting with the melodic harp near it.

This will unlock a wind path that you can go through to reach a platform where you will see a drum on the right side. Activate the drum and a bridge will be formed.

While the bridge is made, you will see a melodic harp being blocked. The main piece to solve this puzzle unlocking this harp, it's smooth sailing after that. Keep going inside the cave, and you'll find the Frozen Soul. Here, follow the path on the left side upwards, and you'll see an area blocked by a golden aura with a great treasure inside.

How To Unlock The Luxurious Chest

To begin your quest of unlocking this Luxurious Chest, which is a pretty long one, head back out to the place where you saw the melodic harp being blocked. Here, go in the direction where the harp is facing, and you will find a hidden door that will take you to another realm.

Open the door and go through it to find yourself in a realm that looks like an Adeptus Abode, of sorts, but for Xinyan. You've already been to one of these during the main quest, but this is not the same one. To start off, simply interact with the harp in front of you and embark on the new wind path that is formed.

You will encounter a lot of enemies through this process, but you will also get a ton of extra chests, and there will be a sneaky tip to get another Precious Chest in this domain at the end. As you reach the next platform, clear the area and keep following the path until you find another rock in front that you can jump to.

Jump over and activate the melodic harp when all the blooms are placed correctly facing toward the big megaphone. This will create another wind current that you can follow to another platform. On the next platform, you need to repeat the same process to get to the final one, while getting all the chests along the way.

Once you've reached the final platform, you will see a Precious Chest guarded by a bunch of enemies. Defeat these and claim the chest. Afterward, you can follow the purple bird in the middle of the platform as this sort of works like guiding a Seelie, but this is not required for the Luxurious Chest.

Go through the door in the corner, which is also where the bird will go, and activate the drum on the right side as soon as you exit the door on the other side. Follow the new bridge, and you will find another drum. Activate it and something very interesting will happen.

Another bridge will be created, but it will also remove the initial bridge that you used to get to the Frozen Soul. This way, the required harp will also get unlocked and all you need to do is get to it. This new bridge will block a Precious Chest on its way as well.

Once you've done everything above, head back to the door you just entered from and go back out to the place where you claimed the Precious Chest. As soon as you load in on the other side, look to your right, and you will see another harp and a big megaphone.

Interact with the harp and a new path will be created leading you back to the first platform that had the hidden door — the one in which you first came here from near the melodic harp that was blocked. Enter this door again, and you'll be back near the Frozen Soul. Activate the harp, follow the light, and the reward including a Luxurious Chest and two Exquisite Chests will be yours for the taking.

To get the Precious Chest that was blocked from the other bridge, repeat a similar process to this one from a doorway that is hidden near the chest.

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