Genshin Impact Players Warned To Change Login Info Thanks To Changes In Twitter API

Genshin Impact Players Warned To Change Login Info Thanks To Changes In Twitter API

Twitter is changing the rules–again. Once free for all to play with, Twitter is placing its API (application programming interface) behind a paywall. This could kill a lot of automated Twitter accounts, but it will definitely destroy your ability to use your Twitter login to access other sites or games, including Genshin Impact.

"Starting February 9, we will no longer support free access to the Twitter API," wrote Twitter yesterday. "A paid basic tier will be available instead."

Some automated accounts, such as the delightful A Possum Every Hour, will go offline as a result of this change to Twitter’s API. Other automated accounts, such as the government-operated SF QuakeBot, or the extremely helpful Thursday Concept and The Weekend bots are also likely to die off. Thankfully, Gators Daily will survive as it’s manually updated.

Games that use Twitter to log in, such as Genshin Impact and Goddess of Victory, will lose that functionality starting February 9. As noted by VG247, these games are of particular note as they could potentially remove access for players that have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars in-game.

"We are in the process of confirming the impact of the Twitter API adjustments on game account login and the corresponding resolutions," HoYoverse wrote in response to Twitter's announcement. "To prevent possible account login problems, we recommend going to the HoYoverse Account page below to link your email address for account logins."

In other Twitter news, Kratos' Leviathan Ax has been spotted in Kuwait City with PlayStation's Arabic Twitter account posting images online. With a similar promotion happening recently in London, fans believe these axes may be the first sign of God of War Ragnarok DLC. PlayStation has yet to explain why Kratos' ax is appearing in various locations.

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