Genshin Impact: Pro Tips For Playing As Xinyan

Genshin Impact: Pro Tips For Playing As Xinyan

Genshin Impact has a roster of characters from Liyue who can easily put Mondstadt’s crew to shame. Xinyan herself is one of the most powerful four-stars in the game, and many players agree that even Bennett is weaker than this sweet rock n’ roll girl. Xinyan is a pyro claymore user who seems to have mastered the art of battle.

Compared to the rest of the Liyue cast, she stands out as she is one of the few characters not hung up on traditions. This allows her to have a unique fighting style that can quickly take out hordes of hilichurls.

How to Rock N’ Roll

Xinyan is without a doubt a character that is meant to be a DPS, although she can provide a helpful bit of support with her pyro shield—like most four-stars, being able to at least get a couple of Xinyan’s.

  • C1 – This is a great constellation for those who are focusing on critical hit damage. When Xinyan lands a crit, her charge and normal attack speed gets a 5% for five seconds bump, and this can happen once every five seconds.
  • C2 – Xinyan’s Riff Revelation has its critical damage percentage increased by 100% and now forms a shield at level 3.
  • C3 – Sweeping Fervor can be increased to level 15.
  • C4 – Sweeping Fervor now decreases opponents’ pyro resistance by 15% for 12 seconds.
  • C5 – Rift Revolution can be increased to level 15.
  • C6 – Charged attacks no consume 30% less stamina, and attacks now gain a bonus equivalent to 50% of Xinyans defense stat.

This is stacked on top of her two passive talents, which increase physical damage by 15% and help decrease the amount of opponents that Xinyan needs to hit in order to activate level two and three of her shield. This is especially important since level three begins by adding additional pyro damage to nearby opponents. Her third passive talent doesn’t help with combat, but when Xinyan cooks a defense dish, it has a 12% chance of doubling.

This is on top of being able to absorb 250% pyro damage and infusing Xinyan with Pyro energy, which can help to take away other elements like cryo or hydro in the middle of a battle. When the shield is active, hitting an opponent will also give back four elemental particles. These can be used to quickly obtain the ability to use Xinyan’s burst Rift Revolution.

Pyro Powerhouse

Xinyan players should carefully select her artifacts in order to ensure that she is dealing the maximum amount of damage; a helpful guide can be found here. When paired with the right claymore, a C6 Xinyan can easily surpass a low constellation Diluc in power, making her one of the best choices for a pyro DPS currently in the game. Other players have also noticed that with the right build, Xinyan can be a tanky character perfect for taking on lengthy boss fights with the in-game bosses.

Players will also want to practice a bit with Xinyan’s burst. Planning out where to unleash the burst can be especially helpful since it hurls enemies and then continually releases flames inflicting pyro damage to nearby enemies. This is a move that players should try to combine with other elements such as electro to deal extra damage. For this reason, using Fischl’s partner, Oz, alongside Xinyan’s burst is a powerful combination that can help knock out larger enemies like ruin guards.

If a player doesn’t have their burst ready but needs to make some space between her and opponents, then using the charged attack will turn her into a spinning top, knocking back close by opponents. This attack will only work when the player still has stamina left in ther bar.

Xinyan’s Band

In order to get the most out of any character in the game, players will need to concentrate on feeling their other three slots with compatible characters. Luckily, Xinyan is able to work with a wide cast since pyro reacts with three other elements in the game and likely will have a burn effect with the dendro characters.

  • Fischl – Fischl can summon Oz onto the field to deal continuous electro damage to opponents.
  • Qiqi – Summons a cryo orb to orbit the on-field character. The orb both deals cryo damage when near an opponent and heals your character.
  • Mona – Mona can summon a talisman to pulse hydro damage.
  • Beidou – Beidou summons a circling electro creature to deal constant electro damage.
  • Xingqiu – Xingqiu’s burst summons water swords that will attack the enemy alongside Xinyan.
  • Lisa – Lisa’s burst summons a lantern that deals constant electro damage.
  • Kaeya – Kaeya’s burst summons cryo swords that deal cryo damage to opponents.
  • Ganyu – Ganyu can summon a lotus to draw the attention of opponents, and her burst activates a large AoE field where icicles dealing cryo damage will fall onto opponents.

Xinyan’s pyro shield can also be used to help shield other characters and is especially useful against pyro enemies.

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