Genshin Impact’s Brilliant Uninstall Screens Make It Incredibly Difficult To Delete The Game

Genshin Impact’s Brilliant Uninstall Screens Make It Incredibly Difficult To Delete The Game

Genshin Impact has been an absolute hit since its launch just a few months ago, and Mihoyo can’t seem to stop collecting all of the end-of-year game awards out there. However, there always comes a time when a game has overstayed its welcome and it’s time for you to let go and uninstall. Or maybe it’s not even that complicated and something has glitched so you just need a fresh install, but regardless, Mihoyo won’t make it easy for you and the Genshin Impact uninstall screen will guilt trip you when you try to leave.

Mihoyo has created plenty of characters that the fanbase has fallen for, they seem to know the secret behind a successful fandom. In a post on Reddit, a few users discovered that some of their favorites will hit you where it hurts when trying to leave. Adeilen’s thread starts with an image of Amber crying and asking if you really want go, then promising many more adventures ahead should you stay.

The second bit in the picture below is really what stings. Genshin Impact’s story has actually been pretty good so far, so if she even just makes you pause for a moment, Amber has done her job well.

Mihoyo, that one hurts. She’s not the best fighter, but Amber is an adorable upbeat girl who’s been optimistic on all of your adventures thus far in the story. She’s certainly not one I would be up for disappointing.

It’s a cute observation, and a few others discovered in the thread that Amber isn’t the only one who will make a comment when trying to uninstall. Another user posted what the completed process looks like, and it’s Klee jumping for joy after she bombed your deleted files away. An odd juxtaposition, but still pretty cute.

Genshin Impact’s charming, vibrant art style feels fairly light-hearted at first, but there are parts of that story that turn pretty grim rather quickly. The main story itself is full of intrigue, violence, and plenty of characters facing life or death choices. Then there are NPCs along the way like one man outside of Mondstadt mourning his daughter, he gets me every single time. Don’t let the adorable Amber fool you, some of those tales she’s waiting to share may be pretty heartbreaking, despite the game’s usually sunny disposition.

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