Genshin Impact’s Fleeting Colors In Flight Update Adds New Characters, Enemies And A New Region

Genshin Impact’s Fleeting Colors In Flight Update Adds New Characters, Enemies And A New Region

The next Genshin Update, Version 2.4 Fleeting Colors In Flight, is set to focus on the return of the Lantern Rite and takes us back to Liyue Harbour. After several Inazuma updates, this time we’ll be heading back to Liyue for a storyline that sees Ningguang take centre stage once more.

As well as the announcement of new characters, Yun Jin and Shenue, new enemies, new events, and even a new region, the livestream also included codes for free primogems which are valid until December 26 11.00 PM (UTC-5). They are:

  • SA7V2DRZGAU5 – 100 Primogems, 10 Mystic Enchantment Crystals
  • PSNVJURZZSD9 – 100 Primogems, 5 Hero Wits
  • 5SPDKV8ZHBFV – 100 Primogems, 50,000 Mora

When Fleeting Colors In Flight releases it will include an Archon Quest Interlude Chapter titled The Crane Returns On The Wind. This follows the restoration of The Jade Chamber, which was destroyed to defeat the Overlord of the Vortex, Osail, in a previous Archon quest. Traveler will be joined by new characters Shenhe and Yun Jin, who will also be helping with the task.

Shenhe was born with a curse of calamity, meaning she suffered a lot during childhood. At the behest of the adepti, she bound her soul with red ropes to keep her homicidal nature at bay. Like Chongyun, she is from a family of exorcists but she lives as an adepti disciple – a student of Cloud Retainer – and spends a lot of time in isolation among Liyue’s Mountains. She is a Cryo support character who can summon a clone of herself to join her on the battlefield as well as provide a damage boost to fellow Cryo teammates. She can also provide wider damage buffs.

The story of Shenhe was adapted into an opera in Liyue and this is where we see Yun Jin, the director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe. She’s an opera singer who is both performer and playwright, leading shows at the Heyu Tea House.

She’s a Geo support character who provides great support to teams favouring normal attacks. She can shield herself and provide normal damage boosts to her teammates. She works best alongside characters of different elements.

The first banner will be another dual release featuring the new five-star character Shenhe, alongside a re-run of Xiao. Yun Jin is a four-star and will have a huge drop-rate boost on both Shenhe and Xiao’s banners. This will be followed by a double re-run for Zhongli and Ganyu. There will also be a banner for the new five-star Polearm, Calamity Queller. This is likely to be tailored to Shenhe, although Yun Jin and Xiao are also polearm users.

Event wise Ningguang will get a Hangout Event called The Jade Chamber’s Returning Guest, and Yun Jin will have one titled A Song That Knows Grace. The Lantern Rite is also returning and the team promises a new experience that includes a firework making challenge, shadow riddles, and tasks that involve salvaging items from the Jade Chamber and transporting cargo across the sea. Event rewards include being able to claim a free four-star character of your choice, including Yun Jin. You can also claim an outfit for Ningguang as well as ten intertwined fates when you log in over the course of the event. Other events in the update include dungeon trials, playing with a bake-danuki, and the return of the windtrace event.

Finally, Enkanomiya is a new region found in the abyss below Watasumi Island. It is an island of the Archipelago that sunk into the Abyss years ago. Its inhabitants built their own civilization underwater, isolated from the rest of the world. You’ll find unique new enemies and battles await you in this hostile environment.

All this new content is combined with some quality of life improvements, especially to the Spiral Abyss interface and the maps.

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