Genshin Impact’s New Character Is An Adorable Little Girl Who Likes Explosions

Genshin Impact’s New Character Is An Adorable Little Girl Who Likes Explosions

With all the talk around Genshin Impact – if it’s a Breath of the Wild clone, how it’s such a massive success for Chinese developers – people often forget that it’s a gacha game. That means new characters will be added frequently, and will often display impressive new powers to get you to drop money in hopes of getting them. One such new character was just announced, and it’s a small girl who likes blowing things up a little too much.

Meet Klee, the cutest little explosives expert you’ve ever seen. She’s introduced in a new trailer as a little girl in red. She also apparently spends a good deal of time in the confinement room, but always breaks out to cause more mayhem. Players will soon get a chance to wield her bombastic powers for themselves when she joins Genshin Impact tomorrow.

Klee’s attacks are mostly about throwing bombs, though she also has a living, pet-like assistant called Jumpy Dumpty that causes explosions as it hops around. She’s also seen summoning floating laser turrets in her trailer.

Klee’s banner replaces Venti’s banner, which means players will have a very good chance to get five-star Klee if they pour wishes into the effort. Klee actually showed up during the beta, but this is the first time she’s been summonable. Her charming demeanor mixed with her destructive abilities are sure to make her a hit.

If you’re looking to optimize your Genshin Impact experience as the new patch 1.1 approaches, take some time to check out our guides. Whether you need to find posters and billboards, want top-tier weapons, or want to easily beat Swan’s quiz, we got you covered.

Meanwhile, it’s been an eventful day in gaming. Sony randomly dropped a free BLM PS4 theme, and we’re sure people are going to be cool about it. One of the other biggest stores of the day is a Redditor creating a Ring Fit mod for Breath of the Wild. On Twitter, Reggie Fils-Amie is becoming a meme again.

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