Ghostwire: Tokyo – How To Defeat Hannya

Ghostwire: Tokyo – How To Defeat Hannya

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Hannya is the fifth and final boss you will fight in Ghostwire: Tokyo. This is the man behind everything that has happened to the city and also the one who kidnaped Akito’s sister at the beginning of the game.

After some flashbacks and emotional moments within Akito’s memory, the last section of Chapter 6: Binding will let you face the villain. Hannya will become a Hanngon, a kind of big yokai fish composed of multiple spirits. Check this guide to learn everything about Ghostwire: Tokyo's last boss.

Learning Hannya’s Attacks

Despite his new transformation, Hannya (or whatever he has become) will be a similar fight to Yaseotoko’s one: he’ll use the same magic as you, and even some of Yaseotoko’s moves.

To begin with, the Hanngon will shoot different fire attacks, like the classic heavy firebomb (which he can charge), multiple less damaging ones, or three fire lances. Then, he can use Wind Weaving to shoot the regular air projectiles or some tornadoes that move in a fixed direction. Regarding his water magic, he’ll be able to create waves, which at first are only close-range, but then they’ll be effective against long distances, too.

Once again, predict the magic your enemy is about to use by looking at which color he has in his fingers. If his hands are green, it will be Wind Weaving; they will become red if he’s about to shoot fire, and blue is he’s preparing Water Weaving attacks.

Besides the expected magic tricks, Hannya has a few more moves that you need to be aware of. Firstly, he can jump a long way behind himself and create a long distance between the two. Secondly, he can use a stampede attack in which he will crawl towards you, moving faster than usual.

Another move Hannya has is a vomit move that creates a series of hands on the floor. These hands don’t deal damage, but they will slow you and make you vulnerable to his other attacks.

Lastly, every time you destroy one of Hannya’s core, he’ll create a group of totally black Visitors. There will be multiple kinds of them (although not new ones), and the boss won’t return until you have dealt with all the enemies.

The waves between cores are your perfect chance to recover SP. Each defeated enemy will drop some ether.

How To Beat Hannya

For the last battle, you will be in a wide arena, similar to the one of Yaseotoko’s fight. Once again, there’s enough space to move freely, avoid attacks, and prepare your own Weavings.

Hannya has three cores which you can see right from the beginning: they are the three masks representing himself, his daughter, and his wife. To win the battle, you need to break every core before dying.

There’s no use in using Spectral Vision during this battle. You won’t need it for anything in particular as the cores will always be visible.

Everything you have learned during previous boss fights will be needed here. Water attacks are harder to parry or Perfect Block, so it will be wise to just guard and look for counterattack windows.

On the other hand, air projectiles are easier to parry, but they still have a weird timing a homing property. If you don’t think you can parry and negate the damage, it’ll be better to just run to the sides. This same strategy applies to the tornadoes and his fire attacks, though you shouldn’t try to Perfect Block the firebombs because the explosion radius will still damage you.

Quite different from other bosses and enemies in Ghostwire: Tokyo, Hannya’s faces won’t heal over time. All the damage you make to them will be permanent, and you can hurt them all before actually breaking one.

The rest of the attacks are pretty standard. Just move to the side and you’ll be fine. The most annoying one is the jump because it will make it harder for you to shoot the masks. That is the thing that will most likely make the battle last: attacking the cores, since he’s constantly moving from one side to the other and not always showing the masks.

Remember that you have a Wire In power-up, which will give you a couple of bonuses while it’s active. It’s recommended to use it against the waves of enemies, so you clean them fast.

Your fire attacks are the most recommended tool, thanks to their damage and long-range, but they will end soon depending on how much SP you have. The Wind Weaving projectiles will be your most used weapon — don’t waste bullets without zooming in because you will need all the help.

This is your last battle, and you probably have a more than large stock of consumables in your inventory. Use them all here, as there won’t be another fight.

When the three masks are destroyed, the battle will end.

The Aftermath Of The Last Boss Fight

Once Hannya is finally defeated, you’ll see a final cutscene showing what happens with Akito’s sister, Mari, and with your buddy KK. Credits will begin, and you’ll have completed Ghostwire: Tokyo main story.

When you finish the game, you’ll receive some unique items, such as the Transmission Beads and music, and you’ll have the chance to start a New Game +. If you don’t want that, you’ll return to Chapter 4: Contortion, right before the motorbike section, perfect for collecting all the items that you have missed.

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