God Of War Ragnarok Players Want To Use Kratos’ Fur Coat In New Game Plus

God Of War Ragnarok Players Want To Use Kratos’ Fur Coat In New Game Plus

God of War Ragnarok players want to see the fur coat that Kratos wears in the promo art and in the beginning minutes of the game as a bonus costume for New Game Plus. Or, just in the game in any form really.

The first thing we ever saw of God of War Ragnarok (aside from a teaser for its logo) was Kratos sat in a cave wearing a fur coat and making arrows over a fire. That, combined with the fact that Kratos is wearing the fur coat on the key art for the game, had everyone convinced that it would be his new default outfit for the game, which was received positively because of how badass it looked.

Anyone who's played God of War Ragnarok will know that isn't the case, however. Less than ten minutes into the game, Kratos and Atreus are attacked by Freya, who holds the God of War by his neck and pushes him into the snow, sending the fur coat flying off, never to be seen again.

It's a strange move considering how popular the coat was when it was revealed, and almost seems like a small joke from Sony Santa Monica. That hasn't stopped God of War fans from asking for it back though, and Redditor V1V1S3CT10N has a pretty clever way of doing it, which they highlighted in a post on the God of War subreddit.

Sharing a picture of Kratos wearing the fur coat, V1V1S3CT10N said, "Santa Monica, I implore you, bring back the fur coat in NG+", referencing a mode that's yet to be added to the game but was recently confirmed to be coming next year. The post quickly became one of the most popular on the subreddit, getting 5.6k likes at the time of writing.

Almost all of the comments underneath the post agree with the suggestion, with most confused as to why the game was promoted with the coat if Kratos was just going to lose it straight away. One Redditor even pointed out that YouTuber Speclizer managed to get the fur coat working with a jailbroken PS4, implying that it's somewhere in the game's code and fairly easy to get working.

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