God Of War Ragnarok: Runic Summons Location Guide

God Of War Ragnarok: Runic Summons Location Guide

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Runic Summons act as your companion's special ability in God of War: Ragnarok. They can range from summoning spectral animals to sending out lightning across the battlefield. Some of the summons will do high damage when fully upgraded, whereas others will lean into more stun or runic effects.

Similar to the previous installment in the God of War game series, you are able to get different runic summons for Atreus with the addition of now also being able to get them for Freya. Each companion varies in the types of aid that they will give to Kratos, so it's useful to have all of the different runic summons so that you can switch them around when needed.

All Atreus Runic Summons

All of Atreus's runic summons are found during missions, and it is not possible to return to these locations later on in the game, so it is important to make sure you don't miss them when going through these areas.

Bitter Squirrel

The Bitter Squirrel runic summon is unlike any of the other summons as it does nothing to attack or slow down the enemy. Instead, the squirrel will scavenge for a healthstone and dig it up for you to use. With every level increase, the Bitter Squirrel will uncover more healthstones.

The Runic Summon can be found in a Legendary Chest in Niflheim. You will find it during the Unlocking The Mask mission.

Falcons' Dive

This summon disrupts the enemies as it sends out falcons which will then dive into the ground dealing the status effect of whichever arrow Atreus has equipped. This attack is high in runic damage and when upgraded it will increase the number of falcons summoned.

The Falcons' Dive runic summon is found on an ogre's body in Muspelheim, during the Into The Fire mission.

Raging Ibex

This is regarded as one of the strongest Runic Summons for Atreus. The spectral Ibex will charge into the enemies dealing solid damage and stun to them, with a follow-up explosion when the Ibex is about to disappear. Upgrading this Runic Summon will increase the damage and size of the explosion as well as improving the overall damage and stun of the charge.

The Raging Ibex can be found in Jotunheim in a Legendary Chest whilst playing through The Lost Sanctuary mission as Atreus.

Wrath Of The Wolf

The Wrath Of The Wolf Runic Summon is the highest in damage out of all of Atreus's summons. This special move will create three spectral wolves which will then pounce on the enemies. Upgrading this will increase the number of wolves and the damage they do.

This runic summon can be found in a Legendary Chest during the Unleashing Hel mission in Helheim.

Most of Freya's Summons are obtained through favours, which are the name for side-quests in this game, which will allow you to complete and obtain them whenever you feel ready.

Invoke The Storm

This Runic Summon releases a field of fireflies that are charged with electricity that will then deal good runic effects on the enemies. This summon affects a wide area and with upgrading comes more fireflies, and for the third upgrade, a chain of lightning will bolt across enemies as the fireflies explode.

Invoke the Storm can be found by completing the favour Freyr's gift in Alfheim.

Seidr Exhale

This Runic Summon creates a poison gas cloud that seeks out enemies and disrupts them. Seidr Exhale has high runic effects and upgrading this Runic Summon will create smaller poison clouds.

You unlock Seidr Exhale by completing The Reckoning mission as part of the main storyline.

Steel Harmony

The Steel Harmony attack has Freya swinging both of her swords, sending out an arc of stun with one sword and an arc of Bifrost with the other. This attack is high in stun and runic and upgrading it once will increase the number of attacks, with the third upgrading shooting out a cross for the final attack doing even more stun and runic damage.

To get this Runic Summon, you need to complete the favour Freya's Missing piece. This favour is about getting Mardoll Freya's other sword, which is needed for the runic summon.

The Queen's Roar

This Runic Summon has Freya flying into the air, releasing a devastating shockwave. Upgrading to the second level has Freya following up by slamming into the ground knocking enemies away, and her final upgrade will release a massive amount of Sonic or Hex depending on which arrow type Freya has equipped.

The Queen's Roar Runic summon is unlocked by defeating Queen Gna, in the favour Defend Your Valour. This is one of the hardest favours to complete and, as a result, this is one of the best runic summons that Freya has.

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