Going Medieval: How To Get Rid Of The Ugly Apparel Debuff

Going Medieval: How To Get Rid Of The Ugly Apparel Debuff

You might have noticed the Ugly or even Hideous debuff on your settler’s moods in Going Medieval. A bit like in Rimworld, the quality of the clothing your settlers are wearing does affect their mood. Who wants to be walking around in a straggly tunic that smells like potatoes?

Thankfully, getting rid of those debuffs is pretty straightforward. Here’s everything you need to know about improving your settler’s moods and crafting clothes that keep them happy.

Understanding The Quality Of Clothes In Going Medieval

There is a range of different clothing qualities in Going Medieval, ranging from Flimsy to Good, or better. Any item of clothing that is Flimsy or Sturdy (the two worst versions of clothes) will give a negative mood debuff to your citizens.

The hit points of an item of clothing don’t make any difference to quality rating. Your settler can wear a 7/100 Good item of clothing and they won’t have a negative debuff, although you need to be careful: if that item breaks, they might run off and equip an ugly bit of clothing.

During the summer and winter, it’s a good idea to force your settlers to wear either winter or summer apparel due to the temperature, much like how it’s a good idea to build underground to keep your food cool.

Managing The Items Of Clothing Your Settlers Wear

Managing which clothes your settlers actually wear can be tricky. There is no way to make sure that they always wear the highest-quality version of clothes unless you manually select the item.

Setting their management tab to “All” apparel will just prioritize the nearest item of clothing. That might change in a future update, but for now, it’s a bit more fiddly to micro-manage what your settlers are wearing.

The best way to make sure your citizens are always wearing the best possible clothes is to set up a “Forbidden” stockpile for all the useless items of clothing.

These items can later be broken down at the Tailor workstation to be reused for future clothing. This is plague-stricken Medieval England…you probably shouldn’t let anything go to waste.

Tips about clothes:

  • There is no penalty for wearing dead people’s clothes like there is in Rimworld.
  • There are currently no variations of materials needed to make different clothes (like wool for winter and linen for summer). This is something that might be added further into early access.
  • Currently, all the different types of material (like Leather, or Linen) make Clothing Fabric, which is required to craft clothes.

How To Craft Better Clothes In Going Medieval

Crafting clothes works as you might expect: the better the individual is at Tailoring, the better chances of producing higher-quality clothes. Assigning a settler with a passion for Tailoring or a high skill is a guaranteed way to make sure any items produced are of at least good quality.

Some tips for tailoring

  • You can put wall decorations (tools) on the wall of a Tailoring room to create a workshop, which should boost the productivity of your station. You can check out our building guide on how to make the best workstation.
  • Not enough materials to craft clothes? You can dismantle other useless items. You won’t get 100 percent of the resources back, but it’s more efficient than letting them rot.

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