Gotham Knights: Case 1.2 Autopsy Room Puzzle Solution

Gotham Knights: Case 1.2 Autopsy Room Puzzle Solution

In the second major mission of Gotham Knights, your chosen hero heads to the GCPD. And in this version of the Batman universe, the Gotham police aren't too fond of vigilantes. Therefore, you're not going in as a welcome guest. So, you must sneak around the place.

The reason you head there at all is that you have a hard drive that needs to be decrypted, and the biodecryption key is on Dr. Langstrom's body, inside the GCPD morgue. Things get more tricky when you reach the corpse and realize you have to decipher what the key actually is because it isn't immediately obvious. Here's how to figure it out.

Where To Find Langstrom's Body

The body is unmissable. Just keep following the mission and completing any objectives you're given.

Eventually, you will make your way to the morgue. And after speaking with a well-known Batman universe character, head into the next room to find Langstrom's body on a slab in the middle of the room.

How To Figure Out What Is The Decryption Key

When you're at the body, hold down the investigation prompt.

There are 15 things you can look at in the investigation mode – use an AR scan to get extra information on some of them. This is all of the items:

  • Bloody Clothes
  • Reading Glasses
  • Wallet
  • Medical Bracelet
  • MMO Key Fob
  • Langstrom's Phone
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Blood Glucometer
  • Autopsy Report
  • Coroner Tools
  • Urine Sample
  • Soft Tissue Sample
  • Blood Vial
  • Langstrom's Body
  • Fingerprint Kit

Using these things, you need to figure out what device conceals the biodecryption key and which sample is required to use it.

The AR scan really helps with this investigation, as it tells you that Langstrom's file at Gotham University says he's got diabetes, but his Medical Bracelet doesn't.

This information naturally leads you over to the Blood Glucometer, which is a device used by diabetics. However, another thing the AR scan reveals is that the Glucometer includes a USB plug, meaning this is a modified device.

This virtually proves that the Blood Glucometer is the concealed biodecryption key. And the first name of it provides you with a big clue about what sample you need to use with it.

Thus, you need to mark the Blood Glucometer and the Blood Vial before hitting 'solve.'

Putting the two together forces the USB plug to come out of the Glucometer, making the biodecryption key ready to use.

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