GTA 5 Online July 4 COUNTDOWN: Independence Day event, start time, rewards

GTA 5 Online July 4 COUNTDOWN: Independence Day event, start time, rewards

GTA 5 Online fans look set to see July 4 content released to mark Independence Day in Grand Theft Auto.

Rockstar Games has not officially confirmed whether Independence Day content will be making a return to GTA 5 Online this year.

As such, a start time for the GTA July 4 event has not been announced yet.

However, ever since 2014 Rockstar Games has annually released GTA 5 July 4 content.

Last year the GTA Independence Day content ran from July 3 to July 9 with 4th of July themed vehicles, clothing and weapons available in GTA 5 Online.

The GTA 5 Online Independence Day event for 2018 didn’t see any new items launched, with items from previous years instead brought on sale.

The GTA 5 Online items were available with a 40 per cent discount, and were as follows…

• Vapid Liberator

• Stars n Stripes Facepaint

• Independence Day clothing, masks, haircuts and outfits

• Western Motorcycle Company Sovereign

• Musket

• Fireworks launcher and fireworks

• Star Spangled Banner Horns

• Patriot tire and parachute smoke

• MOC liveries

• Independence Day Mk II liveries

During the GTA Independence Day event last year double GTA dollars were also offered on all Smuggler’s Run, Special Cargo and Bikers Sell Missions.

Discounts were also offered on properties, with hangars, executive offices, special cargo warehouses, biker clubhouses and businesses all half price.

The news comes as GTA fans are still waiting to find out more about the highly anticipated GTA casino update.

Rockstar Games has confirmed the GTA casino in Vinewood will be opening its doors later this summer.

But they have not given an exact release date for the upcoming GTA DLC.

The GTA casino is expected to be “the largest and most extravagant addition“ to Grand Theft Auto so far.

And it’s been predicted that the GTA 5 Online casino update could have an imminent launch, expected to be in the middle of July.

Rockstar Games insider @Tezfunz2 last week posted on Twitter that the GTA 5 casino update looks like it will launch in the middle of this month.

They tweeted: “Not surprising, Rockstar have said ‘later this summer’.

“That’s just to ensure the QA process is doing well for the next update, if they give us a date and a bug force them to delay it, that will be very bad.

“My expectation? Mid July.”

• Stay tuned to for more news on the GTA 5 casino DLC update

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