GTA 6 development gets into high gear as Rockstar begins new hiring spree

GTA 6 development gets into high gear as Rockstar begins new hiring spree

There’s still no update from Rockstar Games on how GTA 6 is doing, but judging by their website development is about to accelerate.

Most rumours suggest Grand Theft Auto 6 will be out around 2024 but in terms of official facts, there’s no information at all. Apart from admitting it exists, Rockstar has never said anything substantial about GTA 6 and certainly haven’t shown anything like concept art, screenshots or videos.

As so often happens though, job ads have revealed more than intended. Although in this case not because of what the descriptions say about new games, but simply because of how many positions Rockstar are looking to fill right now.

Even the biggest video game developers will see their staff numbers fall between productions and since Rockstar hasn’t made anything new since Red Dead Redemption 2 four years ago they’re probably at a low ebb at the moment, which is certainly what is suggested by all their current job listings.

These aren’t junior positions either, but include multiple producer roles, several senior technical positions, and everything else from UI designer to cinematics director.

None of them mention GTA 6 directly but recent rumours, corroborated by multiple sources, suggest that Rockstar is not currently working on anything else, other than ongoing support for GTA Online.

In fact, they’ve supposedly cancelled plans to make more remasters, for games such as Red Dead Redemption 1, in order to concentrate on GTA 6 (and because of the poor reception for the GTA 3 remasters).

Overall, there are 234 positions open at Rockstar, according to the industry recruitment website Hitmarker. Since it’s a third party website that means there may actually be even more available directly from Rockstar.

If you’re actually interested in going for any of them, they’re at a variety of different studios, including multiple locations in the UK.

Although it used to be that different studios worked on different games, everyone ended up helping out on Red Dead Redemption 2 and that will undoubtedly be the case with GTA 6 as well.

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