GTA 6 release date news: Rockstar Games reveals good news for Grand Theft Auto fans

GTA 6 release date news: Rockstar Games reveals good news for Grand Theft Auto fans

GTA 6 release date news this week includes Rockstar Games pledging to avoid a recent gaming trend.

We still don’t know when the next Grand Theft Auto game will be released or whether it will skip the PS4 and Xbox One.

But there is no doubting that GTA 6 is one of the most highly anticipated games on the horizon, even without a launch window.

And with Red Dead Redemption 2 now heading to PC, fans are wondering what will be coming next from the famous studio.

One of the most obvious candidates is GTA 6, with gamers enduring the most extended wait ever for a new Grand Theft Auto game.

There are still hopes that this will be announced in 2020 and will be launched later that year.

However, industry analysts are betting on a launch further out, perhaps arriving a year after the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett hit the market.

But whenever they appear, we know that Rockstar Games will not be locking it behind a subscription service.

More and more options have been launched in recent years, with plenty of choice from leading developers and hardware makers.

And it’s fair to say that Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, have enough titles and IPs to launch their own.

The GTA 6 release date would prove the perfect time to do so, offering a massive game to bring in tons of business.

But even if Take-Two are happy to see some of their games appear on PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass, they’re not planning their own service.

This was confirmed by Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick earlier this year, speaking at a recent Goldman Sachs event and via a new post from TweakTown.

If demand for such a thing was overwhelming, then Take-Two would consider it but it wouldn’t extend to the company’s biggest title launches.

“It’s not clear to me consumers want an all-you-can-eat offering in interactive entertainment,” Zelnick commented.

“At the end of the day, for any new offering to work, you have to start by appealing to consumers.

“It also though has to work for the content providers and distributors, so you have to find that intersection.

“I haven’t yet been convinced we’ll be able to find that intersection in a subscription vehicle. But to be clear, if consumers demand, then that’s where we’re going to have to be.

“If we go that route, will we see our frontline releases wrapped in a subscription? Well no. Netflix hasn’t done that except for their own originals.

“Motion picture tentpole releases have not been tied to any subscription offerings, and I’m sceptical they will be.”

“My guess is you’ll have a robust subscription offering, however, it’ll be much more of a catalogue offering rather than a frontline offering in interactive entertainment.

“You’ll continue to have really big tentpole high-quality releases, but they’ll be a limited number of them. Consumers will pay a premium for them, and then you’ll have a robust free-to-play market as well.”

This can be seen as win for gamers who might have been worried about how the future of gaming is being shaped by subscription services and other trends.

GTA 6 looks set to offer a traditional release, like so many other games in the popular franchise.

The only difference gamers might see is to the number of platforms see a GTA 6 release.

With the new Rockstar Games Launcher and Google Stadia services going live this year, there’s plenty of incentive for the next Grand Theft Auto game to arrive on PC at the same time.

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