GTA 6 release date UPDATE: This awesome feature could make new Grand Theft Auto a classic

GTA 6 release date UPDATE: This awesome feature could make new Grand Theft Auto a classic

GTA 6 release date news is coming in thick and fast, with plenty of rumours circulating about the next Grand Theft Auto.

Rockstar Games hasn’t officially confirmed GTA 6 but that hasn’t stopped fans getting excited about a new GTA and wondering when its release date will be.

A number of GTA 6 rumours have emerged in recent weeks, with claims the new Grand Theft Auto could be out next year as a timed PS5 exclusive.

Sony has allegedly paid “big money” to get one month’s worth of exclusive rights to make GTA 6 a launch title for the next PlayStation.

This rumour emerged on Pastebin, and the site was home to another GTA 6 rumour that made some other eye-catching claims.

The latest, unverified rumour alleges that GTA 6 will be set in multiple cities and will only be out on next-gen consoles.

While that’s a blow for PS4 and Xbox One fans, there’s one eye-catching claim about GTA 6 that will get Grand Theft Auto fans excited.

GTA 6 will allegedly be set in Liberty City and Vice City – the setting for the first two Grand Theft Auto games to appear on the PS2 back in the day.

Vice City itself remains a much loved entry in the GTA series, with that 80s Scarface / Miami Vice infused feel suiting Grand Theft Auto to a T.

The rumours of a return to Vice City will surely get fans excited especially since there hasn’t been a GTA game in this setting since 2006.

Both the original Vice City in 2002 and Vice City Stories (released on the PSP in 2006) were set during the 80s.

That specific time period is crucial to the Vice City experience, and GTA fans may feel a bit apprehensive returning to that locale in a modern setting.

However, according to the latest GTA 6 rumour the highly anticipated Rockstar Games title will feature “flashback” scenes.

This could means players could play the bulk of the game in modern day Liberty City and Vice City.

But for specific missions they could be transported back to an 80s Vice City full of white suits, synth pop gems and neon lighting.

The latest Pastebin post that made these claims about GTA 6 was written by an anonymous user.

However, it has since been taken down – with some fans seeing this as a sign that this could be because the claims made in it were accurate.

As always though, it’s best not to get too excited just yet and to take rumours with a big dollop of salt until official confirmation.

The full post said: “GTA 6 is going to feature multiple big cities which players can travel across.

“In the title which will make you a kind of a drug lord.

“You will start as a small time guy in Liberty City doing odd chores and small-time thefts and eventually work your way to Vice City where you will join a famous gang.

“You will be tasked to look after business in Liberty City until you are brought back to Vice City and soon become the drug lord.

“Rockstar Games has an idea about when they want to release the game but the corporates want to analyse the sales of PS5 and the Xbox 2.

“This game can’t come [out] for PS4 because of memory restrictions.

“We have 2 major cities along with a vast stretch of highways and Blaine County like countrysides in the middle of it all.

“There will also be some kind of timed era between the missions with flashbacks.

“Certain shops will sell different types of items in different eras. RDR2 type stranger dialogues will be implemented.

“There are big plans in online and with major content like newer towns.

“They are working closely with Microsoft and Sony on cloud gaming which will help them enable online to be a continuous process.”

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