GTA 6 release update: Good news for Rockstar ahead of next Grand Theft Auto launch

GTA 6 release update: Good news for Rockstar ahead of next Grand Theft Auto launch

The GTA 6 release date is expected to be scheduled for the PS5 and Project Scarlett, and it also looks like that even though they will have a small install base, it could still be one of Rockstar Games’ most profitable games ever.

While a launch on the current PS4 and Xbox One consoles would offer GTA 6 a more extensive install base than the next generation of devices, the latest Grand Theft Auto game is not expected to be a cross-generation title.

The tech will be in place, so that save games, and other data can be shared between console generations. However, recent rumours suggest that Rockstar is planning a very ambitious new Grand Theft Auto game.

And with the general specs now known for the PS5 and Project Scarlett, a launch on the PS4 and Xbox One would put heavy limitations on Rockstar’s plans. And it would make sense that Rockstar would want to make GTA 6 as big and filled with features as possible.

There seems little doubt that GTA Online will be included in the next Grand Theft Auto game released, and will also be a massive revenue driver. Being able to provide gamers with interesting new content on a regular basis will be key to this, as well as offering something different from the current GTA Online.

So a next-gen launch seems very likely for GTA 6, with 2020 mooted as a possible release year. This seems a little early, but it will all depend on how long Rockstar has been working on their latest game project.

Whenever GTA 6 does launch, Take-Two Interactive – the parent company of Rockstar Games, is expecting the gaming landscape to have shifted.

Speaking recently with GamesIndustry.Biz, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick revealed that the launch of new storefronts on PC and other platforms would impact operating profits in the future.

The Epic Games Store launched as a surprise addition to the PC landscape recently and takes a smaller cut in earnings from games sold, around 12%.

“In the event that there is broader distribution, one would believe that the per cent a platform can take would have to go down,” Zelnick told Games Industry.

“The platform take rates were driven by the fact that there were two platforms effectively that had the same business model and didn’t change it. That’s relatively easy to do in an oligopoly and exceedingly hard to do in a broad economy.

“While a distribution platform offers value, if there’s five of them and they’re all equally good, and you can decide whether to make your products available on the platform, and the platform’s not viable without your product, then I think that gives you some leverage on the take rate.

“I wouldn’t underwrite to it, but my opinion is that you’re going to see take rates decline materially and obviously that [directly impacts] operating profit. I believe that will happen very quickly.

“Just by way of putting it in context, say you’re launching a service that offers video games, and you can’t come to terms with Take-Two.

“So that means you’re going to offer a robust service that does not include Grand Theft Auto, the biggest title in the business, Red Dead Redemption, one of the biggest titles in the business, [NBA 2K], the biggest sports title in the US, WWE, Civilization, Borderlands, BioShock, and the list goes on. Good luck to you.”

These changes in competition, combined with the shelf life of GTA 6 Online, could make it the most profitable Grand Theft Auto game ever.

It will have to take on GTA 5 to earn the crown, which was named the most financially successful media title of all time in 2018. Take-Two will also have the opportunity to bring their games to another platform next year, with the launch of Google Stadia.

Rockstar Games was named among the developers that will be appearing on the new streaming service. Google Stadia launches later in 2019 but won’t have a full launch until 2020.

And there has been no news on what exactly Rockstar Games will provide for Google Stadia, although the launch of GTA 6 and Red Dead Redemption 2 would make a lot of sense.

Google Stadia will allow people to play games without the new of a console or a gaming PC. And this could mean opening up gaming to a much bigger audience, another reason why GTA 6 could be a big win for Rockstar.

We don’t know exactly when GTA 6 will be hitting shelves but we do know that Take-Two is ready to support new and emerging markets with their best IPs.

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