Guild Wars 2: How To Get Mystic Coins

Guild Wars 2: How To Get Mystic Coins

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Guild Wars 2 has hundreds of items to acquire, materials to gather, and equipment to collect. If you ever decide to craft Legendary weapons, trinkets, or armors, you will find that you need hundreds of Mystic Coins.

Mystic Coins are used for many high-level crafting recipes, especially Mystic Clovers and Legendary equipment. These expensive items can be a pain to acquire, so let's take a look at every way you can get Mystic Coins, and the most efficient methods for doing so.

Daily Log-In Mystic Coins

The most consistent way to get Mystic Coins with the least amount of effort required is by logging in to the game each day. On the first day of each week you log in, you will earn a Bag of Mystic Coins, containing two, four, six, or eight Coins, depending on your progress through the log-in cycle. In total, you can earn 20 Mystic Coins every 28 days by just logging in.

Daily Mystic Forger

Sometimes, the Daily achievement Daily Mystic Forger will appear. This Daily achievement requires you to combine items in the Mystic Forge, and will reward you with one Mystic Coin. Keep an eye on the current dailies for a chance to get an extra Coin.

Earning Mystic Coins

Besides logging in, there are several ways you can actively earn Mystic Coins, although these are mostly limited one-time rewards or are time-gated. Listed below are the best ways for actively earning Mystic Coins.

Seasons Of The Dragons Achievements

The Return To Living World Achievements that were added before the launch of End of Dragons are a great way of getting Mystic Coins. Each Return To achievement rewards three coins for completing tier two of the achievement. Additionally, the tier 4 for each achievement rewards you with a Weapon Cache, which can be opened for six Mystic Coins. The weapon skins contained in these chests are usually worth more than the Coins, however.

In total, completing all 22 Return To achievements, and picking the Mystic Coin option from the Weapon Cache will reward you with 198 Mystic Coins. You can find these achievements in the Seasons of the Dragons tab of the Current Events achievements.


Completing the daily Fractals is another great way of earning Mystic Coins. There is a chance to get Mystic Coins from the Fractal Adept's, Expert's, and Master's Chests, earned by completing the daily recommended Fractal levels. Not only will you earn tons of gold and other useful materials, you'll also have a chance to earn some Mystic Coins.

Daily Ley-Line Anomaly

The Ley-Line Anomaly is a world boss that spawns in Gendarran Fields, Iron Marches, and Timberline Falls every two hours. Defeating this boss will reward you with a Mystic Coin once a day, making this a consistent way to get a Mystic Coin every day.

Mystic Clover Crafting

When creating Mystic Clovers in the Mystic Forge, you will have a chance to get Mystic Coins back. When crafting one Mystic Clover at a time, there is a chance to get five Mystic Coins, while the recipe for crafting ten Clovers at a time may return fifty Mystic Coins.

While this may seem like a lot of Mystic Coins, this method is unreliable and may cause you to end up with fewer coins than you started with, so we don't recommend trying to get more Mystic Coins by crafting Clovers.

Player vs. Player

Competing in Daily and Monthly Automated Tournaments will reward you with one to five Coins or one to one-hundred Coins, respectively. The amount of Coins you get depends on your placement in the tournament, so place as high as you can for the best return on Mystic Coins.

Daily Automated Tournaments take place every three hours, and Monthly Automated Tournaments happen on the fourth Saturday of each month. You'll only be able to enter the monthly tournament if you have acquired 100 qualifying points from previous tournaments throughout the month.

Purchasing Mystic Coins

When you've earned all the Mystic Coins you can for the day and need more than you currently have, you can always purchase them from other players. Mystic Coins are one of the most traded items on the Trading Post, and there will always be some available for purchase.

Earning gold from more profitable sources like meta events and buying Mystic Coins on the Trading Post is the fastest way of gathering these items.

Shard Collector

You can also purchase Mystic Coins from the Shard Collectors using Green Prophet Shards earned from Strike Missions. You can buy a total of ten Mystic Coins from this vendor each week, so definitely take advantage of this option if you are clearing Strike Missions often.

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