Halo 3 Brings Back Style With New Customization Options

Halo 3 Brings Back Style With New Customization Options

14 years after its release, Bungie has updated Halo 3 with a variety of new cosmetics and two new maps. This follows the debut of Master Chief in Fortnite, and even takes from the hit battle royale with ‘back accessories.’

These are exactly as they sound – Master Chief can now sport some new toys on his back, with a fire axe, sword and shield, demolitions pack, and more. This is currently live in Halo: The Master Chief Collection flight, and while cosmetics have been implemented, they don’t change gameplay.

There’s even some new cosmetics in the helmet department, from the Infiltrator’s slick, alien-looking getup, to the robust square-topped Hammerhead. Or, you can go fully futuristic and feel like a next-century crusader with the Lancer.

As for the new maps, the first among them is the remote, cold and desolate Waterfall, “The UNSC constructed many secret holdfasts during the final years of the Covenant War. On a far-flung world in the Zezar system, the UNSC has maintained a network of facilities acting as a fallback option for key personnel and assets. The UNSC has taken a great interest in what might lie beneath the planet’s icy surface.”

Then, there’s Edge, a very original Star Wars: Battlefront 2 setting which is located in “the remote frontier world of Partition.” Edge is an “ancient databank with the safety of seclusion.” Bungie describes it, “The Forerunner data archival site on Partition holds potentially incredible significance, with untold information stored within its cliffside hold. Surrounded by breathtaking vistas and jungles teeming with exotic flora and fauna, Partition represents a remarkable opportunity for study.”

Meanwhile, alongside the two new maps and wealth of customization arriving in Halo 3, fans of the series and its lore can delve further into the story with a brand new novel in the Halo universe dubbed Divine Wind, written by Tatooine Ghost and Star Wars: Crucible writer Troy Denning. That’s a lot for Halo fans, especially considering how old Halo 3 is.

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