Halo Infinite Co-Op And Forge Are Finally Here

Halo Infinite Co-Op And Forge Are Finally Here

As Halo Infinite turns one, 343 has applied what might well be its biggest update yet. Appropriately named the Winter Update, the patch brings with it long-awaited features such as campaign co-op, the Forge beta, the ability to replay campaign missions, and a much-needed revamp of its online XP system.

343 has detailed everything that has been added to Infinite via the Winter Update's patch notes (thanks, Eurogamer). Leading the charge is campaign co-op, a feature players have been waiting a long time for that has been pushed back a number of times. The mode also comes with 24 new achievements, most of which you will need to complete while playing Infinite's story mode alongside someone else.

Next up is the launch of Infinite's Forge beta. Another long-awaited mode that allows players to make their own maps. Even though it's still in a beta state, the new Forge is available to everyone and has been labeled the most powerful version of the mode, which has been a part of the Halo series since Halo 3, to date. Something people with early access to the mode have already proved by recreating things like The Upside Down from Stranger Things.

The hits just keep on coming as today's Winter Update also grants players the opportunity to return to certain missions in your campaign. Some have been closed off once finished which left players having to start the game over if they missed an achievement or two. Last but not least is the multiplayer XP overhaul, the details of which 343 explained last week.

One year on, today's update will make Infinite a lot more like the game fans of the series hoped it would be at launch. Especially since its arrival had already been delayed by a full year at that point. The Winter Update patch notes close with an acknowledgment from the team that Infinite's first year has been far from smooth. The test now will be whether today's changes and the ones still to come will be enough to bring lapsed players back into the fold.

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