Halo Infinite Players Are Reporting A Rise In Hackers, Ask To Opt Out Of Cross-Play

Halo Infinite Players Are Reporting A Rise In Hackers, Ask To Opt Out Of Cross-Play

Halo Infinite players are reporting that hackers have made their way into the game, causing some to request an option to opt-out of cross-play.

When a game launches on PC, it's really only a matter of time until hackers and cheaters make an appearance. Games like Battlefield and Fortnite have had their own issues with cheaters and have had to put in anti-cheating measures that work towards getting rid of them. It's not clear if Halo Infinite has any anti-cheat in its beta state, but it's looking like it doesn't as more players are reporting hackers in their games.

As reported by Eurogamer, clips of hackers in action using aimbots have started to pop up on the Halo Subreddit, with players showcasing aimbots and wallhacks in action during multiplayer matches. Players are especially frustrated as Halo Infinite currently doesn't have a report button, meaning that players who cheat are pretty much able to get away with it.

Because of this rise in cheating, some players are demanding that 343 Industries allow players to turn off cross-play between Xbox and PC. Although hackers can be found on consoles, it's generally a lot harder to do than it is on PC, so those playing on Xbox are looking to minimise the chance of running into hackers by turning the feature off altogether.

In its current state, Halo Infinite doesn't have an option to turn off cross-play, or at least it's not functional yet. Ranked mode lets you choose whether to face keyboard or controller players, but it's still not quite the same as giving players the option to avoid another console. This is considered standard practise for games that have the feature, as some gamers consider keyboard and mouse an unfair advantage.

It's not clear how much of this is representative of how Halo Infinite will be in its final release, as it's currently still in beta, but it's concerning to see hackers in the game already with no anti-cheat or report button in action. It's possible that these features will be a part of the game's final release, however.

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