Harry Potter’s Floating Candles Are Now A Reality In Minecraft

Harry Potter’s Floating Candles Are Now A Reality In Minecraft

The “Great Hall” in the Harry Potter movies is one of the most iconic images in all of cinema. Really, it’s the floating candles that make the scene as magical as it is. Thanks to a preview of the upcoming 1.17 update, we now know that Harry Potter’s floating candles are now a reality in Minecraft.

The Minecraft Live event that was held at the beginning of October revealed that there would be candles coming to the game. However, these were not explicitly spoken of during the segment that also introduced The Warden, which fueled speculation that there might be colored lights coming in addition to new light sources.

While our hopes of seeing colored lights were dashed, a preview of the update showed us that the candles that were shown during Minecraft Live can float. Unfortunately, at this point in time, you can only experience this for yourself if you have the Java version of the game, while other aspects of the update can only be experienced on Bedrock. Luckily, a prominent YouTuber was there to show us what this would look like in a build.

The effect of the floating candles in a dim room (created with the use of tinted glass) is absolutely stunning. Even if they aren’t floating in mid-air, the ambiance that the candles give off is much more welcoming than torches usually are. Simultaneously, it makes the game feel more realistic and more fanciful.

As you might imagine, the candles are crafted using bee wax and string. You can also dye the candles to be any color that you want, although as stated before, there won’t be any colored lights coming to the game. During this preview of the 1.17 update, we also found out that you can add candles to the tops of cakes, which is a fun little addition. However, you can only add one candle to a cake, rather than having the ability to stack them like you normally would.

While there probably won’t be any other changes to the candles, what we’ve seen so far will likely add plenty of dimension to your world. Hopefully the rest of the 1.17 update is as good as this is.

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