HBO’s The Last Of Us Clickers Are Played By Same Actors As The Games

HBO’s The Last Of Us Clickers Are Played By Same Actors As The Games

The first episode of HBO's The Last Of Us is out in the wild. Be warned, if you haven't watched it yet, this article contains spoilers. The first of which being there are technically no Clickers in episode one, but it has been revealed the actors who provided the noises for the monsters in the games returned to do the same for the show.

That observation was confirmed by Naughty Dog Info on Twitter. Also, in case you didn't know or you hadn't noticed while playing the games, not all Clickers sound the same. Male and female Clickers sound different and were voiced by completely different actors. Women who have been infected and last long enough to become Clickers are voiced by Misty Lee, while the male equivalents are voiced by Phillip Kovats.

Using the word voice when it comes to Clickers feels a little odd. It might have been assumed by those who have played the games, and heard Clickers in trailers for the show, that some sort of twisted animal noises were used to create the distinctive sounds they make. Not at all. That difficult job was given to Lee and Kovats who did a terrific job of making Clickers sound even more terrifying than they look. A seemingly impossible task considering their terrifying appearance.

There has already been a lot in the show's trailers and its first episode that will have taken those who have played the games right back into its world. However, aside from that moment in episode one that would have torn even the hardest heart in two, the noise the Clickers make may well have been what took players right back to the games more than anything else. It certainly made my blood run cold when I heard it in the trailer and then again at the very end of episode one.

While most roles have been recast for the show, Lee and Kovats aren't the only actors from the games to return for the adaptation. Merle Dandridge played Marlene in The Last Of Us and has reprised her role in the show.

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