Henry Cavill Shares An Update On His Injury, Says He Is On The Road To Recovery

Henry Cavill Shares An Update On His Injury, Says He Is On The Road To Recovery

Right before Netflix’s The Witcher went on a brief Christmas break, the show’s star Henry Cavill sustained an injury that had many Witcher fans worried.

Since then Cavill, being the avid gamer he is, went on to enjoy his holidays dedicating some time to his PC building hobby while The Witcher put out its Christmas-themed social media campaign “Witchmas”, which treated fans of the series to previously unseen footage, easter eggs and snake peeks of what’s to come in season two.

Now, almost one month after Cavill originally picked up the injury, the actor has dutifully informed fans his recovery is coming along nicely suggesting he might be able to suit up as Geralt of Rivia soon enough. The update came via an Instagram post on Cavill’s account, where he explained his healing process has taken longer than usual, only now being able to go out for a run due to the hamstring knock.


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Back in early December when Cavill sustained the injury, he was confirmed to be able to walk on his own, but given the number of action sequences he takes part in and the type of armor he has to wear, cautionary measures were put in place. Given this latest update, it’s obvious Cavill’s hamstring warranted extra attention even for getting back to normal activities like jogging.

Though The Witcher’s filming schedule suffered yet another setback, aside from those related to the pandemic, since it coincided with a pre-planned Christmas break it’s not exactly clear how much it could delay the show’s production. The Witcher is currently scheduled as a 2021 Netflix exclusive, having celebrated its one year anniversary since season one premiered, season two is increasingly looking like a late 2021 entry.

As for Cavill, given his level of commitment and passion for The Witcher franchise, there’s no doubt he’ll continue to work his way back into Geralt of Rivia levels of fitness. For fans of the books and games, Cavill’s leg injury draws him even closer to Geralt who’s been known for struggling with such pains in the past.

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