Hi-Fi Rush Features A Cameo From The Evil Within’s Protagonist

Hi-Fi Rush Features A Cameo From The Evil Within’s Protagonist

Hi-Fi Rush features a cameo from robotic versions of Sebastian and Oda from The Evil Within, complete with long speeches about how sick and dark the world is.

Yesterday, Xbox held its first Developer_Direct, revealing more details on Redfall, Minecraft Legends, Forza Motorsport, and the next expansion from The Elder Scrolls Online. The biggest surprise of the show was, without a doubt, the reveal and subsequent release of Hi-Fi Rush, a rhythm brawler from Tango Gameworks.

Aside from it being revealed and released in the same breath, perhaps the most surprising thing about Hi-Fi Rush is that it comes from the same developers who gave us The Evil Within and Ghostwire Tokyo. It might seem like a big departure for Tango Gameworks, but it seems that the studio hasn't forgotten its roots, as there's a cameo from The Evil Within's two main characters.

As pointed out by Twitter user WolfMoon35, robotic versions of Sebastian and Joseph, known as SEB-AAA and JSF-001, can be found in the game's second level, looking at a mural of Rekka, one of the game's villains. Interacting with them will see the pair talking about whether the image on the wall is meant to be motivational for them or for Rekka, and that Seb is just trying to make the "sick, dark, sad" world a better place. Looks like he hasn't changed much from The Evil Within then.

This isn't the only place where SEB-AAA and JSF-001 can be found. As spotted by YouTuber Jigzaw_Killer, the pair can also be seen a little later in the game next to a big oil spill. Here, Seb will talk about the "cost of progress" and how he needs to clean up the mess before someone slips up. It's possible that the two also appear at other points in the game as well, although only these two examples have been found so far.

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