Hi-Fi Rush Has References To Scott Pilgrim, Xenogears, Jojo, And More

Hi-Fi Rush Has References To Scott Pilgrim, Xenogears, Jojo, And More

It’s been a week since Hi-Fi Rush shadow dropped on Xbox, Game Pass, and PC, and that’s just enough time for folks to have scoured the game for its many, many references to modern media. Of course, we already knew about The Evil Within reference, but it turns out there are lots more.

For example, the fight against Zanzo is just one giant Jojo reference. Practically everything he does, from his bombastic speeches to shouting “GO, GO, GO!” is taken straight out of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure episodes. Every one of those strange poses, dance moves, or finger snaps is a reference to a Jojo character, and at this point, there are just too many to list.

Things get back to a more sustainable pace with this Scott Pilgrim reference. As spotted by Ookami Aki (with thanks to Games Radar), the scene where Chai gears up is essentially the same as when Scott Pilgrim puts on his outerwear to go fight for Romano Flowers’ love, although Chai actually stuffs his feet into his sneakers rather than carefully tying his shoelaces. That’s not good for your shoes, Chai.

How about a spot-on Xenogears reference, courtesy of Twitter user Chuji? The scene where Chai self-narrates a battle plan with a swinging iPod is taken straight out of the 1998 classic RPG that would eventually grow into one of Nintendo's best-selling franchises.

And to top us off, 808 also offers this bizarre Twin Peaks reference that I would totally have missed if someone hadn't pointed it out.

Don't forget to find the two main characters from The Evil Within in Hi-Fi Rush. SEB-AAA and JSF-001 are robot versions of Sebastian and Joseph which you can both find in the second level looking at a mural of Rekka. They'll show up again at an oil spill later in the game in case you miss 'em the first time.

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