Hidden Path Denies That Its Dungeons & Dragons Game Is Cancelled

Hidden Path Denies That Its Dungeons & Dragons Game Is Cancelled

Yesterday, Bloomberg reported Wizards of the Coast had cancelled five video game projects, costing 15 people their jobs. Although the D&D publisher said it remained "committed to using digital games," these five titles weren't "strategically aligned with developing our existing brands."

One of the projects speculated to be cancelled was the Dungeons and Dragons ARPG coming from Hidden Path Entertainment. That game was announced back in 2021 as a triple-A open-world game built in Unreal Engine 4 and containing branching narratives and magical destruction effects. We hadn't heard from Hidden Path since then, which isn't unusual for a game still early in development, but now Hidden Path has broken its silence to say that its game hasn't been cancelled and things are still moving along.

"Hey everyone, just wanted to set the record straight," wrote Hidden Path in today's tweet. "Our epic D&D project with Wizards is still happening! In fact, we're currently hiring and looking for talented people to join our team."

Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier was quick to respond to the confusion, writing that "a Wizards of the Coast spokesman is the one who told me that Hidden Path’s game was canceled." He then went to "get some clarity" and returned half an hour later with an updated statement:

"This is a very unusual and very unfortunate situation, but we stand by our reporting. Both a source and a Wizards of the Coast spokesperson told Bloomberg on Tuesday that Hidden Path's D&D game is cancelled."

Hidden Path still lists its D&D game as in development on its website, so we’ll have to wait for more reporting on this before we can say whether this game is still on its way.

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