High On Life Dev Squanch Games Announces Justin Roiland Resignation

High On Life Dev Squanch Games Announces Justin Roiland Resignation

Following the news that Adult Swim and Rick & Morty have cut ties with Justin Roiland following the reveal of his domestic battery and wrongful imprisonment charges, High on Life developer Squanch Games has announced that Justin Roiland handed in his resignation on January 16 earlier this year, as the co-creator will no longer be part of the development team.

In a statement posted to the official Squanch Games Twitter account, the team has announced that – despite Roiland's departure – it will continue to develop games and will support High on Life for the forseeable future. Justin Roiland cofounded the studio back in 2016 and has gone on to make several titles including Accounting, Trover Saves The Universe, and the aformentioned High on Life.

However, it's worth noting that Squanch Games might not be squeaky clean itself, as it was reported shortly after further allegations against Justin Roiland came to light that the developer allegedly settled a lawsuit back in 2018 regarding alleged sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination. It's alleged that a female worker was sexually harassed by then technical director Jeff Dixon, before being wrongfully terminated and forced to sign a liability release.

Just like with Rick & Morty, it's difficult to see Squanch Games operating like it usually does without Roiland. Most of its games usually have Roiland voice a character or two, something which will obviously cease for any of its future releases. As for Roiland himself, all eyes are currently on streaming service Hulu, as the company has yet to comment on whether Roiland will continue working on the other animated show he co-created, Solar Opposites.

It's likely that Hulu will cut ties with Roiland as well and that the show will recast the characters he voices, similar to what Adult Swim has done with Rick & Morty. Whether or not these series and Squanch Games will be able to shake off controversy surrounding the actions of Roiland remains to be seen.

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