High-Tech Shoes Are Secretly An RTX 3080-Powered Gaming PC

High-Tech Shoes Are Secretly An RTX 3080-Powered Gaming PC

These space-age-looking shoes are actually miniature RTX 3080-powered PCs. At least we think they are.

There’s nothing quite like an impressive looking gaming PC setup. Whether a rig is kitted out with flashing lights, an impressive cooling system, or simply the high-grade tools capable of doing the best possible job. Size is also a major factor, and even though bigger is better, there’s something about fitting a lot of stuff into a tiny space that we can’t help but be impressed by.

Like fitting a high-powered PC into a shoe, for instance. No, this isn’t just an example plucked randomly out of the air, it is a project some inventive minds have undertaken and completed. Hardware manufacturer NZXT and sneakerheads RTFKT have joined forces to bring you the bizarre yet beautiful sneakers you can see below.

The shoe, or PC, or shoe-PC hybrid is powered by an RTX 3080. Another reason the product is so impressive since the Nvidia product has proved very difficult to get hold of. Especially after a story claiming half a million of them had shown up unexpectedly in a South Korean shipping yard turned out to be a joke. As for what exactly the shoe’s primary function is, or even what the hybrid product is called, well that’s where fascination turns into confusion.

It’s unclear whether the shoe is actually a fully-functioning PC or whether it has just been designed to look like one. If it is, it’s hard to imagine that it will also double up as a shoe. A close-up of the sneaker certainly makes it seem as if there is no room for a foot inside of there. Unless you want to destroy what might well be hundreds of dollars worth of tech hidden inside, seriously hurting your foot in the process.

In NZXT and RTKFT’s defense, whether the product is a PC or a shoe, it probably isn’t something anyone should be wearing. Surely this magnificent piece of tech is for show only. It should have pride of place on a streamer’s shelf, nestled among some other cool gaming artifacts. If you can wear them, and you dare to, then you had better be as light-footed as possible, and don’t go jumping in puddles.

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