Hollow Knight: Silksong Early Access Email Is Apparently A Scam

Hollow Knight: Silksong Early Access Email Is Apparently A Scam

One of the most anticipated titles launching in 2023 is Hollow Knight: Silksong. Still without an official release date, if you receive an email offering the chance to try the sequel early, you'd be best advised to hit delete rather than reply.

YouTuber John Wolfe (thanks, GamesRadar) recently revealed they were lucky enough to be offered the chance to be among the first to play Silksong. However, a number of red flags made Wolfe quickly realize the opportunity wasn't a genuine one.

Assuming they weren't the only one to receive the email, Wolfe shared it on Twitter and highlighted what exactly people should be on the lookout for should they receive it. Right there up top, the lack of a name to kick things off. If the sender addresses you using a generic term, that's the first sign it's a scam and a blanket email has been sent to many people as those behind it play the numbers game.

That alone isn't proof, of course, but the Silksong invitation Wolfe received features a few more red flags. The use of the word “cooperation” is one to be on the lookout for, along with collaboration and advertising as it's not usually the sort of language someone approaching you with an opportunity like this one might use. Additionally, receiving an email from the developers of the game. Studios don't tend to do that. They hire PR agencies to do it for them.

Suffice to say, if you do get a Silksong invite in the coming days, it's probably best to check whether it matches the one Wolfe received before you jump at the chance to play the game. We'll just have to wait for the real thing which will hopefully be here sooner rather than later. It was reported back in June that it will be here within 12 months, and it has also been confirmed to launch on Game Pass day one.

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