Hotline Miami Comes To Fall Guys

Hotline Miami Comes To Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has sparked a battle royale party over the last few days, and now you can dress your bean up as Jacket from Hotline Miami. That’s an interesting choice to add to the game about playfully running up obstacle laden hills and splashing through endless rivers of slime, but it kinda makes sense.

I mean, you can be a pineapple if you want. Or a pigeon. Or just a bunch of chocolate mint wavy lines. It’s all about looking good while you get the big wins and epic defeats!

Look who just appeared in the in-game store!

You can trade in your hard-earned dubs for JACKET!


In collab with @HotlineMiami ?

To unlock the Jacket, you’ll actually need to get first-place wins, since it costs the “crown” currency that you acquire from those victories. You’ll need 10 total crowns to grab the top half and bottom half of the outfit, so it carries with it a bit of prestige – go rack up those game wins! Look for our Fall Guys review later today.

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