How To Get Frillish In Pokemon Go Right Now

How To Get Frillish In Pokemon Go Right Now

Frillish is a rare Pokemon, and like all good Pokemon hunters, you want one in your team so you can fill out your Pokedex. That’s all well and good, but the problem is that catching Frillish is going to take a lot of effort. While there is a guaranteed way to catch Frillish right now, you will need to ensure you play a lot of the Pokemon Go Battle League, which is going to be a challenge, especially if you haven’t got a team that you’ve optimised for PVP battling.

If you’re an experienced battler then this will be a simple matter of determination and a lot of fights, but if you haven’t gotten deep into the competitive side of Pokemon Go, then you’re going to need some pointers. Just read on below for everything you need to know about the Pokemon Go Battle League, Pokemon Go PVP, and how to get a Frillish of your very own.

How To Get Frillish In Pokemon Go

Frillish is a cute and rare Ghost/Water-type Pokemon, and catching one for yourself is going to be quite the task. As mentioned you should be prepared to get involved in the Go Battle League, and a lot.

If you want Frillish in Pokemon Go then you will need to ascend your character to Go Battle League Rank 20. That is the highest rank, and each rank you raise will inevitably result in more powerful, capable trainers to fight against.

Essentially, getting to Rank 20 is very much an uphill struggle, one that only gets more difficult, but if you have a solid strategy for taking apart enemy trainers in PVP, it should just be a matter of perseverance. If you’re not experienced with PVP fights in Pokemon Go though, you can use our very basic tips below to boost your chances of victory.

How To Get Easy Wins In Pokemon Go Battle League

Your main goal for early wins in the Pokemon Go Battle League should be to eliminate all of the charged attack shields your opponent has. In each battle, you can defend against a charged attack twice, and once those opportunities are gone, you are left vulnerable. Use a Pokemon with a very speedy Fast Attack, and a Charged Attack which charges quickly. These moves usually have low overall damage output, but you can very quickly get rid of your rival’s shields.

Once the shields are down, you can swap to a Pokemon that is more capable of doing hardcore damage, and your opponent won’t be able to defend against them. If you have wisely chosen a speedy attacker and followed up with a true powerhouse, and your opponent was unexpecting, then you can get the upper hand and win battles very quickly.

As an example, I often use a Hitmonchan with Thunder Punch as its charged attack. Thunder Punch isn’t powerful but charges very quickly, and is useful against a wide variety of Pokemon. Once the shields are broken, I am comfortable to swap to a more aggressive Pokemon and focusing on taking down the opponent’s health bar. Use strategies like this and you should quickly rise the ranks in the Pokemon Go Battle League!

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