How To Make An Overpowered Warlord In Evil Dead: The Game

How To Make An Overpowered Warlord In Evil Dead: The Game

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The Warlord in Evil Dead: The Game is the possessed remnant of Henrietta Knowby, the wife of the professor who unwittingly unleashed the Kandarian Demons. She doesn't care much for finesse – playing as the Warlord means hitting the Survivors as hard as you can as often as you can.

Henrietta has powerful minions at her disposal, capable of dealing heavy damage and attacking without any concern for their own safety. The Demon herself is the most dangerous combatant in the game, and her presence on the battlefield is sure to result in a dead Survivor if she isn't dispelled quickly.

Warlord Units

Henrietta's Deadites have a higher chance than those of other Demons of being armed when they appear. The extra damage their axes can inflict can add up tremendously over the course of the match, forcing the Survivors to use valuable heals earlier on.

Even if they don't have a weapon, the Warlord's basic Deadites can use their own arms as clubs, taking damage to enhance their damage output. When you possess a grunt, be sure to arm yourself right away (pun intended).

UnitSquare (PS) / X (XBox)Triangle (PS) / Y (XBox)Circle (PS) / B (XBox)X (PS) / A (XBox)
DeaditePuke: A prolonged projectile vomit attack that stuns and damages Survivors.Farewell To Arms: Take damage to gain an improvised melee weapon.None.Dodge.
Elite DeaditeDeadite Smash: Charge attack with a AoE damage at the end.Big Swing: Melee attack with a long windup that deals heavy damage to all Survivors in a 180-degree radius in front of the Elite Deadite.None.None (Cannot Dodge).
Henrietta (Boss)Belly Flop: AoE attack that deals moderate damage to nearby Survivors.Gas Leak: Henrietta temporarily leaves a poison cloud wherever she goes that deals damage over time to Survivors caught in it.Granny Hug: Grabs a Survivor, damaging them until they are broken free by their teammates.None (Cannot Dodge).

Boss Gameplay Tips

When Henrietta appears, expect the Survivors to gang up on her. She's an enormous threat even without any Deadites to back her up. Getting all the Survivors into a concentrated space, however, is exactly what you want as a Warlord player.

Materialize in the middle of the Survivors and announce your arrival by deploying Gas Leak right away. The longer it's in play, the more damage the Survivors will take. If and when the entire team rushes you, punish their insolence with Belly Flop before switching to regular attacks against the weakest target.

Try to activate your action ability, Bad Influence, just before materializing. It can't be used outside of spirit form, but its effects linger after you possess a unit or summon Henrietta.

Bad Influence provides an aura buff to all Deadites near you, including yourself if you have a mortal body.

Granny Hug is best used against isolated Survivors since they'll be helpless once grabbed. If you've played the first solo mission, you know how frustrating it is to be on the receiving end of this grab attack with nobody to help you.

Key Skills

Henrietta is a terror from the get-go, and her Skill Tree only makes her more dangerous. Here are our recommendations for skills to aim for as you level up.

Hemophobia (Tier 1) & High Blood Pressure (Tier 2)

These early skills play off of one another nicely, and give the Warlord an extra source of Fear just from sending her minions to fight the Survivors. Survivors hit with blood splatter (that is, just about any Survivor that gets into a fight at any time) will suffer Fear as a result from Hemophobia.

High Blood Pressure makes this effect even better by increasing the range of blood splatter, ensuring that every Survivor is covered in a sticky, gooey mess quickly.

Lingering Gas (Tier 3) & Potent Gas (Tier 5)

Lingering Gas causes the poison cloud from Gas Leak to stay in play longer. More gas means more damage to the Survivors over the course of a battle!

You can deal even more damage with the press of a button by unlocking Potent Gas, which increases the overall damage dealt by Gas Leak.

Heavy Damage: Basic (Tier 6) & Heavy Damage: Elite (Tier 6)

When the sixth tier of Warlord skills is unlocked, adding to the damage your minions deal with attacks is a great way to increase the Demon's overall effectiveness. These skills do not have any prerequisites, so you're free to invest points in them as soon as they're available regardless of what other branches you've explored.

Portal Authority: Boss (Tier 5) & Gates Of Hell: Boss (Tier 7)

If you're planning to play the Warlord as your main character in Evil Dead: The Game, your ultimate goal should be unlocking and maxing out these endgame skills. By reducing the cost and cooldown of Henrietta's manifestations you can bring the boss into the world more often during a match and provide a constant headache for the Survivors.

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