Insomniac Games' Stormland Disappears From Oculus Rift Store

Insomniac Games' Stormland Disappears From Oculus Rift Store

Stormland, Insomniac Games’ final Oculus Rift exclusive game published by Oculus Studios, has gone missing from the headset’s digital storefront as has The Unspoken.

That is if you haven’t purchased the games already. We’ve been able to search, find and download Stormland as we already own it but, if we log out of our accounts, we can’t find the game in the store, and the same is the case for The Unspoken. You can still find the games via a Google search but it seems you’re unable to actually buy them. Insomniac’s other Rift titles, The Edge of Nowhere and Feral Rites, remain available for sale.

We’ve reached out to Meta for comment.

Stormland was the last VR game Insomniac released after Sony Interactive Entertainment purchased the developer in 2019. The game was a first-person shooter in which players took on the role of robots that traveled across islands separated by a sea of clouds, fending, taking down enemies and upgrading their inventories. The game featured a co-op element with a friend, though this element wasn’t mandatory. Insomniac did, however, refresh the layout of the Stormland once a week.

The Unspoken, meanwhile, was a competitive spell-casting game. It’s main focus was on online play, though it did add a single-player campaign after launch.

It’s not clear why the games are missing from the store but they wouldn’t be the first Rift exclusives to be taken off of the storefront. In late 2020 the Sanzaru Games-developed Marvel Powers United VR shut down, with its four player co-op going offline and owners being unable to open up the experience from March of last year.

We were quite fond of Stormland, awarding the game a 4/5 star rating back when we did those. “There’s plenty more work to be done, then, but when looking back at the shape of VR shooters over the past three years, Stormland shines as a real achievement,” we said. “Many of its dizzying strands of design are dreamlike in delivery, from the seamless UI and scaling cliff faces with Olympic proficiency to effortlessly surfing its bed of clouds or unloading a rattling barrage of bullets on enemies.”


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