Ion Fury: Aftershock Sets Its Sights On A Summer Release

Ion Fury: Aftershock Sets Its Sights On A Summer Release

Publisher 3D Realms and developer Voidpoint have announced that Ion Fury Aftershock is currently targeting a summer 2021 release for both PC and consoles. Announced last summer under a working title during 3D Realms’ “Realms Deep” stream, this expansion to the hit 2019 retro FPS will take protagonist Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison to a tropical island where she’ll continue to face off against the robotic threats of the evil Dr. Heskel.

As is to be expected with an expansion, Aftershock will be bringing new enemies and weapons for players to experiment with. There’s even a hoverbike that you’ll be able to pilot. It’s not certain how long this new campaign will be, but if players find it too short, a brand new Arrange mode for the original set of levels is being included. This will rearrange enemy and weapon placement so that returning fans can get a fresh spin on the existing levels.

Mike Nielsen, CEO of 3D Realms, said, “Aftershock continues Shelly’s story in the best way possible: with rockets and high-speed chases. We love seeing the Build engine continue to grow and Ion Fury: Aftershock does some awesome things that we can’t wait to share with you.” I know I can’t wait.

It’s been a few years since I’ve played through Ion Fury, but I found it to be a very faithful recreation of classic 90s shooters. It maybe fell into the same traps as the classics, but its solid gunplay and rather excellent enemy design gave it a ton of replayability. I’m eager to see how Voidpoint can top the original campaign.

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