Kingdom Hearts Missing Link’s Dive To The Heart Intro Leaked

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link’s Dive To The Heart Intro Leaked

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link's opening four minutes have leaked, showing the unnamed protagonist going through their own Dive to the Heart sequence.

Last month, closed beta tests for Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link took place in Japan, which meant that we finally started getting a bit of information about the mysterious game, including some details on combat and customisation. Although story details were light on the ground as they weren't a part of the beta, we did get confirmation that the player would start the game with their own Dive to the Heart sequence.

The leaks confirmed a Dive to the Heart sequence, but since most of them were text-based, we didn't get to see it in action in January. Now, a month later, Redditor NooK842 has shared a video of the game's opening sequence on the Kingdom Hearts subreddit, showing the Dive to the Heart for the first time and giving us a small glimpse at more Missing Link footage.

The video shows the protagonist starting their Dive to the Heart with a stained-glass image that shows Ephemer, Skuld, and a Chirithy from Kingdom Hearts Union X. There have already been several theories that the protagonist of Missing Link is the descendant of the one from Union X, and this seems to be pushing that idea a bit more. It could also just be a reference to Union X being the last mobile game.

After they land, the player gets to run around the area and explore a bit, before being given statues of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy in a way that's reminiscent of choosing which weapon to wield in the original game. These statues are how players use special attacks, so this seems to be acting as the tutorial section once again.

The player then sees Keyblades raining down from the ground before being able to pick up and wield their own. The video and sequence end with Darkside showing up to attack the player, just like in previous Kingdom Hearts games. We also see a mysterious character fighting alongside the player, one we haven't seen so far.

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